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Without an affiliate how can the webmaster survive

We are always afraid of being

GG Ali mother station closed, we live in fear for fear of offending webmaster, GG, mom, China owners live very tired, we are reminded of his family, the advertisement can not point!!! How to get a life, I think many webmaster heart.

actually, my master is secretarial chowder network (, and most webmaster, I also do advertising, also do for fear, fear of being constantly advertising alliance K station, a day just hit the old webmaster, put my mind and he said, he bursts out laughing, he he always said: not to advertising alliance as a means of survival, if you do that, is for others to work. How to do the masters of their destiny in their own hands, below I share that do not rely on advertising alliance webmaster experience with you:

is a location of your site is very important, ideas determine the money. Do stand when we consider what is clear, for human services, such as the secretarial chowder network is for office staff and student services, but how many people are willing to pay the membership fee? How to rely on advertising to survive, I the station a month is ten dollars, so compared to station and other secretarial, money is limited. If the main source of income for the enterprise service, is not the same, so do stand to consider is, for what people, what people are willing to pay, this is mainly to. To earn money, earn money people most in need of services is the goal of.

two is on hand to have a certain customer base, if there is, then you won’t fear that this fear, you can walk across the arm, fearless!!!

three is to have a good interpersonal relationship, a keen sense of smell, to do their own familiar line of business, do not rush to join the fun, only experts can understand the way to make money, or else can only follow the trend, do two small,

Only this small

, the majority of owners of their.

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