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Seriously do regular station do not have to pay too much attention to search engines included


a month ago once in A5 published an article "my Baidu down the right to recover the difficult process of" ranking, from then on my A5 continuous learning, can be said that A5 is like my teacher, I began to learn from zero, but after more than a month. I found that I entered a misunderstanding".

this "misunderstanding" is my excessive attention to the search engine included, so that affected my life, let me two months time has been in the process of constantly changing emotions. I think I need to remind the novice webmaster like me: if only for simple to operate a web of words, please do normal station, do not go too much attention to your search engine friendliness. It’s too tiring.

I want to first introduce myself, so as to let the readers appreciate me, I am a Chinese foreign joint venture enterprise employees, need to work 10 hours a day, in this case, I am still on the website, to set up a website and it has a great business this may be my interest in College has been the idea, so I spent about a year’s time slowly made a website: Grassroots hall tutor network as you can see, this is a regional website, the technical requirements is not very high, I started in November last year to hang it in the network then, constant changes.

                  to April this year when I suddenly on the home page of the large-scale revision, or even change the title, so I was Baidu down the right, maybe it will not drop right, who knows, but Baidu is not to see my site, very painful, painful half a month, the last A5 in the main help, website again, through continuous efforts, in the Baidu search engine on the keyword "Zhuzhou family" ranking is second, I was happy with this result, and then continue to try a few until the day before, Baidu does not know why suddenly to reduce my collection, reduce my anti chain, Google has been the site map tips I have problems, I have deleted some website links open. The pain of one by one, Google also reduced my keyword ranking, the only good news is that Baidu has been my ranking in the second, of course, only the "Zhuzhou family" keyword, do not know this situation will last long.

wrote so much, a little wordy, but we certainly can not see, I was tortured by search engines to death, after waking up at noon today, suddenly wake up. I should not go too much attention to these, I should do is to my site, write the article carefully, careful management, I believe that one day the search engine will have a good understanding of me, I also hope that in the torture of the novice webmaster like me wake up.

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