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O2O fires across every segment of the field and how do our stylists avoid the same mistakes


the author of this paper is Gong Jingyang, a special editor of Salt Science and technology.

, Beijing – "on the line, we don’t advertise for a year, because the O2O project’s internal resources will move away soon, even if users are attracted to it."."

in May 2013, graduate student Luo Wei resigned from a foreign company and chose to be a cashier at the hairdresser’s.. After 2 months of cash taking experience, Rowe’s role has shifted from consumers and onlookers to insiders". In August of the same year, Rowe’s pioneering work, "our hair stylist," went on the line.

according to Rowe, in October 2011 she had germination do hairdressing industry internet product idea, in 2012 she made a website prototype, why choose August 2013 was on the line? Have what choice and miss? On-line after a year, we began to promote hair stylist, this is how to consider the premise in the mobile hot? The Internet, why Rowe insisted


our hair stylist wants to build a platform that connects consumers, stylists, and salons. The website has the function of looking at hair style, looking for stylist, visiting salon, checking discount, community and so on. Products currently tend to integrate information about businesses and stylists to help consumers achieve consumer decisions.

founder: hairdresser +IT, female

, our hair stylist, was founded by Rowe and her hairdresser boyfriend. Luo Wei in the IT circle, her boyfriend in the hairdressing circle, "the two circles are very professional, lack of communication with each other.". Hairdressing industry is relatively emotional, and IT have far away from." In 2011, the hairdressing industry of Internet products mostly for the industry, "no consumer oriented, I think this is a very good project, and are interested in the salon, began to consider doing hairdressing field of Internet products."

initially looked at the hairdressing industry, because of emotional bias, but Rowe immediately gave a more rational analysis. "There are about six million hair stylists in the country in 2010, and probably tens of millions now."." In 2011, the country does not have several hair Internet products, Rowe believes that the hair industry empty point larger, the market is also large. The demand for beauty salons is certain. After all, no matter what profession, age or sex, hairdressing is required. In addition to the food and beverage shop, the beauty shop is the salon. The involvement of the Internet plays a role in promoting the hairdressing industry, which is what our products should consider."

entrepreneurial team is not many people, but because two people experience, Luo dimensional confidence. Luo Wei, technical origin, she believes that the Internet is her interest and expertise. "As a consumer of hairdressing industry, my consumer experience is enough." Rowe has done 10 thousand of the membership card, but also did a two thousand piece of hair, "2500 dollars to do the hair, high expectations, but do not roll out of a few days, and please do a new hairstyle director, their own personal experience to better understand the consumer."


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