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The stationmaster wants to discover new riches

, let’s see the news.

days ago, from Shenyang by artificial cultivation of sturgeon was designated as the "gift fish", several large supermarket sales in Changchun city. Strange is, as long as the plastic bottle filled with oxygen, and adding a small amount of water, seal after the sturgeon sturgeon can be put in, the more than other fish out of water after 12 hours to 48 hours, the fish passed to relatives and friends as a gift, carrying the "abundance" blessing. "Gift fish" is very expensive, although each fish is only 2 kilograms to 3 kilograms, but the price is 288 yuan.

the same thing, different packaging, different selling methods create new value. So I think the webmaster should be like this.

I am a part-time webmaster, the same content, different delivery effect, different layout, advertising income is not the same. I’ve seen an expert who wrote a daily article about how much money he earned. Even though many of them are deceptive, they also need originality, and creativity also gives them new values.

webmaster every day updated articles, increase external connections, etc., the site must be outside, should also be more thinking. More creativity.

of course, creativity should also be combined with their own reality, to explore their own characteristics, combined with the actual situation is the best.

many websites have the same theme, and even the same program, but why do different webmasters really make a big difference?.

I think we should take the webmaster as a mental work, do not blindly collect, do stand, in the collection, in the physical work of the station.

to my own experience, before I think, one more station, will be a little more traffic. 100 stations, each station has 100 IP, there will be 1W. Such an idea is wrong. 100 stops, 100 ip. What are these stations called garbage stations?. If a station has a 100*100 IP, that is good, that IP will create value.

some people say that it is not, as long as their intentions to do that, a station for 100 stations to concentrate energy, so that you may be successful, even if you create 50*100 ip.

, as I wrote in my last article, /article/20080226/73460.shtml  if he’s just collecting, it’s just luck, I don’t think the NB webmaster will do that.

here calls, we use the head to make money.

I was criticized by a lot of experts, just thinking, but doing things without concentration, led to his failure.

this is like, and realize my qualifications, creative people have the ability to share my ideas, I do not need to pay, just want to show my idea is feasible, hope to discuss with those who have the ability to.

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