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New generation of webmaster technology is very important


started college before exposure to the computer, and more than a lot of children in the city, I feel a lot of late start, and later with more experience of their own, the more your site found the original starting point more than others a lot of late.

didn’t just start my own computer, empty room to run, toss an afternoon spent a lot of Internet access fees, the harvest is not much, after a toss, a semester to understand HTML, learn to use FTP to upload content to the free space, then there is a 3326’s website free space.

later know dynamic language, this time we started offering some professional "aspects of the curriculum, but the reason is because Java, open JSP, think when JSP school is fine, ha ha. But there is too little space in the country. When I was about to graduate, I began to understand PHP. During the summer vacation, I became a computer teacher at a training school. I contacted ASP, and I even got a website for them.


later practice, several people came to Suzhou, and left the school, nobody asked the housing for dinner, we only find their own house, and the landlord bargaining and so on, then the practice day is really boring, all things did not take advantage of the leisure time, I got a forum, mainly the wandering like me in the work, because a poem had a name: Bo guest, this is my first time to buy space, colleagues recommended, bought 1 g, seems to be less than 200, but also very cheap. Later, because I want to go back to school to deal with graduation, the forum no one management, a few days full of garbage advertising, I angrily closed him, and at that time still feel very guilty. Then I really graduated, and then turned to PHP website development, because of the previous foundation, now I am in our company, mainly responsible for the underlying framework of the site.

said that, and nothing seems to be the theme, since closed before the Boke, I have also had some technical aspects of the forum, but eventually because of work no time management, eventually closed down, a period of time before the SNS noise is hot, I also used uch a SNS theme is unchanged, continue to use the name Bo guest, I’m just very fortunately, previously did not grab the domain name com, the lucky I registered, ha ha.

set up later, I thought good, found that too many uch sites are similar to you, I also have some, almost everyone a pair of colours, so how can it become an independent school, this time, I make full use of their own advantages of this technology, began to write some of the plugins, from Google map. Taobao guest plug-in, I found the uch code although the structure is not very good, but it is very simple to expand, before Qingming, I stayed a few nights, finally put that application is a heavyweight on the line, that is the job search, rushed to the index to query crawler is my hand.

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