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Stationmaster newspaper course stationmaster soft Wen writes

I mainly talk about myself and other people’s experience. Maybe the beginner has improved, and the veteran will disdain to see it. In fact, I’m satisfied with something.

I’m talking about 3 parts.

1. what is soft Wen, what’s the function?.

soft Wen: and hard relative, that is advertising another model. Advertising is hard publicity. Soft text has the role of embellish things silently, so many companies and websites use soft writing, and even speculation.

Several characteristics of soft

: 1 accounts do not directly, there are 2 Bush content, meaning, not talk 3. feelings 4. There are propaganda points, combined with the characteristics of the said.

1. Statements that are not direct will make people easy to approach and easy to like. You just said that this year’s holiday gifts, had received only melatonin. I’m sure he won’t look at the second paragraph below. So, you don’t have to be direct.

2 has something to say, not to say that you’re going directly to the theory of relativity. What if you want to say something about the stationmaster?. You can’t say what’s in the stationmaster. What, what should the stationmaster lack? What do you want?. In this way, they have the same feeling and know your propaganda point. I think you’re right.

3. Where the feelings are useful, patriotic enthusiasm around the world. Advertising Diaopai feelings make people moved, you do. Can you write poetry?. Can you write love letters?. Well, you have a girlfriend, that’s right. Your feelings can be adjusted. Just put it on.

4. Propaganda point, you don’t just write things, a poem, the webmaster see, also won’t go to you where. You think, if I do the first IT webmaster reported feelings written poetry, not better?.

function: 1, publicize your website 2., meet some friends, 3. write their popularity (this has the composition of network comments)

two. How to write soft


1. Title

you know the word "party", you are often cheated when you are visiting the forum. That’s right. The title of the party is always a master, if you write the content of the content of the party, then congratulations, you master of the master of the. There are several points of attention in the heading.

1., if you can brag, don’t talk big. For example: the novice must go to the website, you can write: ten big web site to help you earn 1000 yuan

2. can be sensational, do not cold. For example: 3 days to build a 1000IP cheats you can do: blood for 3 days, 1000IP

3. can be used. No, don’t use it. Number。 For example: Baidu sealed my little station. You can do this: Oh my God, Baidu has blocked my stop.

2. Content


content is to review your writing. You can write a composition, that’s good, you write more soft text >

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