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To be a SEO you must be proficient in data analysis

with the traditional network of sales, SEO has also been more attention. After eight years, SEO technology is becoming more and more skillful, today’s SEO is no longer have the chain can get good rankings, do not do the black cap can easily obtain huge profits, now SEO, need more mature technology, data analysis.

Why do

and SEO need to analyze data


SEO is following the search engine common progress, search engine mature, let SEO also more regularization. Baidu constantly weakened the proportion of the chain. Pay more attention to the impact of the user experience on the rankings, and now if you still think the continuous hair chain can get a good ranking, it shows that you have been eliminated.

because of the importance of the search engine to the user experience, SEO data analysts will become more and more important. SEOer, who understands data analysis, can benefit most from the lowest cost because they know which piece is the most valuable. In order to find out their own ability of fish ponds.

two, how to do data analysis

data analysis is throughout the SEO process. For example, in the choice of investment Shen what industry, you can not blindly do, you need to analyze the feasibility of the industry to do what kind of marketing.

1, data analysis, marketing methods,

movie website, you can do the search engine ranking, search engine marketing, email marketing, QQ group marketing, because here is suitable for the crowd; and do the medical industry, but there is little to do little marketing, because most of the medical industry users are not a meeting. His symptoms are rarely discussed in the QQ group, most of the patients had gathered in 39 Health Network, the medicine that seek medical inquiry platform.

2, data analysis, website promotion, reverse and website structure

also requires data analysis when choosing the title and structure of the web site. We’ll do an analysis of the travel industry.

we collect the tours of Lijiang, Dali, and Shanxi by Baidu, and find the same word "tourist guide" in the drop-down box. Here is a screenshot.


then we can judge the site, the tourism industry should be directed to the "Raiders" as the main direction, so we in the site title layout should be placed "XX tourism Raiders" in the title

in site layout should also use much space to introduce "Raiders", because the user needs is a tourist guide, and now most of the tourist sites are total tourist routes, leading travel website is very difficult to do, if your layout in the first screen visible place "tourist guide" the article, then placed the tourist attractions map, so as to attract users to click and >

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