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This search box does not even have its own website may be Baidu’s final bet on the electricity supp

Baidu hopes to use O2O, travel and electricity providers, including all kinds of services to get rid of their advertisers image, but may also be more homeopathy, the more losses,

has not done mass publicity, nor subsidies red envelopes, Baidu’s (at least) third electricity supplier website "Baidu MALL" is so quietly formally launched.


Baidu MALL home page

in addition to choosing the main colors of the purple, the current page design and layout looks like another Jingdong. Like other B2C business website, the brand Logo is placed in a more prominent position; known as the "Daily" column is the actual type group purchase at checkout seckill; will recommend users to use Baidu wallet, Alipay is one of the more popular option.

but until I finish an order, return to the home page to try to buy something else, it was found that some wrong — the search engine Baidu, the electricity supplier website own development and operation, everywhere can not find a search box.

Chinese search has been its core business and competitiveness since Baidu switched from search service provider to independent company in 2000. Advertising and service revenue based on search results pages accounted for more than 97% of the company’s total revenue in the latest quarter. In the eyes of investors, Baidu, like the early Google, is an out and out advertising company.

but in the last two years, company CEO Robin Li has been trying to play down this view. Earnings in the second quarter of 2015, Baidu first proposed the concept of "service providers", and the holding company or the acquisition of where to go, Baidu Nuomi and Baidu takeaway business sales performance, serious as the GMV (total commodity trading) wrote about earnings.

in Baidu, currently also built a "business operation" of the new business department, responsible for the "Baidu MALL" and on-line operation, set up in the early days of the team, was also poaching over Taobao’s employees. According to Baidu’s organizational structure, the electricity supplier business will eventually report to the president of the company Zhang Yaqin.

, but when it comes to the real business of the electricity supplier, before this "Baidu MALL", the only basic memories left for Baidu are

2008, Baidu launched the online shopping platform, "Baidu has ah", difficult operation 3 years later, eventually announced the closure of this business, "yes," the brand has been repositioned as a local life information service platform;

2010, Baidu announced the Lotte and Japanese electricity supplier companies, set up the "cool days" online mall, and started business in that year; but in 2 years, Lotte announced that the station will be closed;

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