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Zhong Zhixin zblog user experience ctrl Enter quick reply

has been building my own independent blog for a month, and I’m using zblog, and I’m sure everyone is not new. Now the site is very particular about the user experience, the reason is very simple, it is only the user feel comfortable, will stay on your website, probably next time will come to your website; if users feel uncomfortable, let alone again, not even stay stay, straight up, so that no the significance of the.

below, I simply share my blog (currently in Google search engine: Zhong Zhixin, today is the first, and later difficult to say) in the user experience on a few simple settings:

, in line with the user’s daily habits, do not know if you have noticed, the current mainstream chat tool QQ, and DZ and PHP and so on the forum program, send a message or shortcut key posts is not the same, is ctrl+Enter; of course, I am here to say what should be the most people’s habits, some people use QQ to send messages used to the shortcut key is set to "Enter". Zblog used all know, the default is not to support this function, the zblog comment is to use the mouse to point, so the user experience is not very good, but I feel like this, do not know if you have the same, as figure 1:


(Figure 1)

this is a screenshot of my previous blog reply box, is the end user input message, but also use the mouse to click Submit, I personally feel this is very troublesome, not to say QQ, with a forum for it, we believe that the forum has a lot of, do not know if you have no such a habit is either post or reply, after own published content, will be free to press ctrl+Enter, anyway, I was like, oh, so I to this, simply do a little modification, the product 2:


(Figure 2)

this setting is very simple, I actually found through search engines, but about the contents of this little, I spent a day before the modification is successful, ha ha, this may be the master is not what, following a brief talk about the method of modification.

is the first to find their own template file, I use the template is h-think, so I find the b_article_commentpost.html file path is h-think/TEMPLATE/ here, and then edit the code, find the corresponding input name and script language, to find the two at the beginning of the label, and then can be set as follows.


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