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Brief but not simple Landing Page Design


landing page is an online marketing concept that refers to the first page or landing page when a visitor clicks on a search engine’s search results. This is an important page that is somewhat similar to the advertising of the products or services offered, providing accurate information about the product and telling the customer about the product or service to be purchased.


landing page is very important in helping your website convert visitors into sales. Therefore, the product message must be clear and the design must be attractive and easy to understand. The landing page design should help attract visitors to buy products or services offered by the site. If it has a higher conversion rate from potential visitors to sales, landing pages are designed to be excellent. A great site landing page is designed to allow visitors to take action and spend money on the site.


landing page design should not have too much information and graphics. A poorly designed landing page will make it unattractive and confusing visitors to the site. This will hinder landing page effects, even if the site has a solid product or service available to the customer, it may not generate sales.

contracted landing page

landing pages should be beautiful, clean and elegant. It should also be easy to understand and must have all the information that the site needs to communicate to visitors. It should attract visitors and should be attractive and relevant topics in terms of color design and use.

now, the trend of landing page design is very popular, minimalist design. Simple design, simple design, not much content. Unnecessary graphics, colors, and text will not be added to the landing page to keep the design brief, providing visitors with a clean landing page, design layout, and necessary information.


usually uses only one or two colors, limited pictures, graphics and text to use in the contracted landing pages. Landing page messaging is also very clear.

because the elements in the minimalist design are very small, designers must use these limited elements to create a very attractive landing page. Contracted landing pages are becoming very popular because they are providing information to visitors in a clean, simple and attractive way.

Here are some examples of

that will help you design the

Landing Page (Minimal) for inspiration



Jacu Coffee Roastery


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