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Don’t give up don’t give up

some time ago, "soldiers raided" very fire, and in the friend’s persuasion, I spent 3 days reading,


review: so big see many TV series, the first time such a move, and even the seven steel "do not abandon, do not give up the spirit deeply into my mind,

the reason why I think it’s about doing the station is that although fighting and doing stand are 2 concepts, I think I know each other in a sense……


says I’m a computer major, I graduated 05 years ago, but I’m really ashamed to start dating or work in 07 years. I’ve wasted a lot of time on online games and drinking,

was invited to work in a friend’s office in 07, ready to operate a local portal. When I was just started, I told my friend that although I was learning computer, I didn’t do any standing,


said he had a Never mind, learn quickly, here I really appreciate this friend, let me go on this "path" O (a _ U) O

may have been learning computers, a little foundation, learning very quickly, from the win2003+IIS6.0+ server security configuration + local portal station official operation

, which was downloaded from the Internet, was a total of 1 months, when the company had its own servers and fiber.

now I know that soon, but the experience is to slowly accumulate, perhaps the beginning of the road to go wrong, and there is no local station operation experience, in the local station start-up period was very bumpy


I had my first personal station for 07 years, when I had the whim to be my own station, but what did I do?

I am more thin, buy clothes do not buy, a friend recommended that we have a family specializing in selling slimming clothing shop, and then I went to stroll around, look at the shop name is what, FZL,

I asked the boss what brand it was, and the boss said it was the non mainstream brand to join Hangzhou. It was the first time I heard that the non mainstream brand was pretty good, but it was too expensive!


later on the germination of a non mainstream related websites, to online search, it is this station, remember that there are about 10-20 of this station, Baidu index is very high,

at that time really feel that he is a genius, such keywords can think of, above is definitely something, not through the network, is something from the side of Lenovo do what type of station.

spent a week on my non mainstream website on the good, and so far has been nearly 1 years, of which the most loss is a drop right, and later know the reason is the content of high repetition,

how many times I’m ready to give up, my content is added manually, and the webmaster like me must know every day

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