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Discount network Legend of folding online in China

Miaochuang network ( a new starting point of imitation 20 thousand and 50 management "famous Wang Jifei: the Utopia group purchase game style, please advice. Why don’t you catch up with


shopping when businesses are discounting?" a smart man said to an honest man. In recent years, discounts have become a conventional marketing tool. Shopping is not only a bargain for consumers, but also a way of entertainment. Because of this, businesses discount activities, consumers shopping at discounts, never tired.

discounts are very common. If you are a businessman, make a discount program and publicize it. If you are a consumer, you can always enjoy the benefits of discounts. Discount sponsors and participants are smart people, businesses increase sales, consumers get benefits, both sides are happy. Thus, the emergence of more intelligent people, he thought, to do a satisfaction and service to the needs of both sides of the discount website, may become a business.

, a scholar of consumer psychology, agrees with the idea of smart people. He told: discount is less from the consumer side take things, like a gift package or fanquan send something, even if the amount is equal, corresponding to the amount of discount even less, consumers psychological bias or discount. So both businesses and consumers are keen on discounts. Service discounts both sides, the discount into business, there is a big market.

, a businessman, objected. He said: Although the effective discount, but the discount to inform consumers of information cost is too high, now advertising costs more and more high, merchants hold discounts is considered more store promotion, is sometimes peibenzhuanyaohe.

, an information expert, gives solutions. He told him: "this is too easy, and now the Internet is becoming more and more popular, the cost of using the network to disseminate information is very low, businesses can publish information through the network.".

, a marketing professional, refutes information experts. He said: "who will send it there, how to promote the website, these problems also need to be solved.".

, a stationmaster laughs. He said: "my website will also increase discounts forums, discount information release channels, I can facilitate the masses, but also earn money, why not?".

, a website planner, refutes the station owner. He told: portal, classified information network, network shopping, network toll free nature of idle away in seeking pleasure, nature of the local nature of national character, and the website provides information on how to know which consumers beyond count, one of the most authoritative information? The one thing we all do may lead to unprofitable, the result may be who are doing well.

, a consumer has a deep feeling. He echoed: "yes, there are too many websites offering discount information, and we are at a loss what to do.".

, a businessman also stood out emotion. He said: "we are not afraid to spend some advertising on the Internet, but >

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