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Avoid station group operation minefield pay attention to operation details is the key

station group profits and risks are directly proportional to the cost of investment is high, once the failure will lose everything, so many owners in the operation station group, always cautious, very careful, but even so, also accidentally into the station group operations lead to failure of the minefield, but it still can not stop, personal webmaster to join station group of courage, because you want to go through a website and other websites competition, often spend a lot of time, but not necessarily have a good income, so why not take a risk, to seek their own operating stations on the road to success?

In fact, many owners of

operation station group is about cheating, that might be because of this form of cheating punishment by Baidu, which led to the station group collective aphasia, actually this kind of worry is completely unnecessary, because if you do not take the initiative to cheat, then Baidu is not management how many websites, if you follow the operation the idea of a normal operation of the website, the station group will bring you unexpected income to you, and the normal operation is based on the details of the operation, the following simple analysis about some of the details of the operation station group.

1: the cost of the station group is not as high as

if you pay attention to details of the operation, you will find that your operating stations cost is not so high, once hot L-carnitine stations and cost no more than a few thousand dollars, but profits can reach millions of conservative estimates, visible if pay attention to details of the operation, it will still create huge profits in a short the time of operation, the station group, we must first have a clear goal, that is to get higher rankings in a relatively short period of time, and in the rankings to hold in a long time, so the independent and ranking costs can be eliminated, such as high quality cost of space, domain name costs can seek cheap or even free of charge, of course, if you start more money, so in these areas cost nature also can relax a little.

two: rigorous operation, strong execution,

if the station group is larger, so for individual owners of the efficiency requirements will be higher, after the station construction successfully, also need maintenance, if only as a decoration can automatically obtain a higher ranking, is obviously not realistic, the weight of each site needs to improve gradually through your operation here, in order to promote the station group rankings, and maintenance is not content, chain, marketing and so on, if a person or a few people to manage the large standing group, it must use a variety of tools and the operator stations itself has a high execution, to complete each site to update the content, optimization and marketing.

three: operation station group should have a strong purpose

if you want to run the station as a permanent regular station, then you can tell that you or your small team can’t do it, because a regular site, even one

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