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How to exchange links with high weight sites

is a web site to get good rankings, the chain is very important, a new station in exchange for all owners are often built after the busy Links, we usually want to link change with those ranked higher than their own site, but this is not an easy thing, people included the amount of PR, the world ranking, there are requirements for my QQ station ( for the link is also around the wall, but after a successful effort to exchange several very good links, also accumulated some experience

first, exchange links, you must put your site up I think should be achieved with an air of importance, the following points: the overall interface coordination, Baidu snapshot from 2 to 3, Baidu included more than 200 pages, of course, can have the PR value better, now we will use some special methods and high ranking. High weight site links, remember: people do not owe you, no success don’t say too bad, find a few more try


method, you told him that his site has more than 60 chain (the chain general station in 50 ~ 70), and you have only a few, even outside the chain, you can give him a considerable weight home page, link exchange for him is not too much loss, at the same time the amount included in you is also good, and more timely snapshot update, the possibility of success or some

Some shortcomings of

method two, find each other’s site, but it does not require you to have a high level of programming and the like, I found a site Links have been K home, I told the site, by the way of success, to exchange links, the webmaster with my link is replaced K, is also a good deal of

method three, with one change more, the other party to you hang the home page link, you in addition to the other party hang the home page, still hang on other pages, such as a column of the list page, such conditions are still very attractive.

In fact, there are many links for the

method, which also has a lot of skills, but also a test of your perseverance, change link is a chore, hard day, also can not change, only insist on will be successful.

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