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f we choose to go to Taobao together

find a good shop from Taobao, the time is too long, a good collection of store favorites, some bad, some do not see, Taobao developed too fast, so it was a guest, into the heart of a kind of to find a good shop, a little bit of good shop together, just as hard as ants.

in the Taobao store, see is poor is knocked out of the shop again won the praise, seckill shops crowded, foreign trade clothing store counter in the tens of thousands of clothes here with 1/10 of the price to buy, why not grab it.

, in the crown shop, there are some brush, first of all, QQ game cards, phone cards, virtual goods, such as express brush up evidence, a few days or weeks, a high praise of the crown shop is produced, and then suddenly became selling clothing, what the actual goods or other cosmetic shops, the shops in Fujian shops are now slowly spread to Hangzhou. Shanghai shops, all this, Taobao’s small two people can not see, hard ants can see. This so-called crown shop is the most notorious store.

can see every owner see, see things in the shop, see comments, see classification, new stores, new stores observe the growth status of Taobao in the road, feel the integrity of the owner to the customer sincerely, collect these good stores, they recommend to you, this is happy to do the ants what.

look bad, see more bad appear in the gold crown shop, words are full of gold crown disappointed, bad many shopkeepers can not explain, such a shop happy ant is not recommended.

poor assessment, it can be clear about the shop situation, but should not be a goal. Those who do not take advantage of it will be screened by malicious bad comments. Every time we see a friendly deal between the owner and the buyer, the ant always feels happy.

If we choose to go to

with Taobao, will certainly want what you want, the false, selling fake shops in Dead Sea. Walk side by side on Taobao Road, walk to the end of a street, and then continue in another direction. You can also go to the other busy, I can help you find you want to go to the store, when you open the lanterns, pick a good store to your page, called happy guest (, let the ant like uninvited, you smile to browse around, I quietly went to bed.

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