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s it good to be a tour guide or a station master

I’m 23 years old, and I always feel like a little kid. No plans to save money, save a foster friend for a family, two years since graduating from college and find that you haven’t made a difference yet. Sometimes I feel like I have the spirit of a Q. "I just make progress slowly, but I never go back."." That’s always an excuse for self comfort,


I graduated from the University for 06 years, the university is the construction of highway bridge, family and friends and relatives all think I learned this promising, but I cannot bear the work constraint, love freedom, like in the company is eight tight and roads and various regulations I do not love, and I am the person interested in English and tourism, so after graduation I quit work, go to Guilin in Yangshuo as a tour guide, as the saying goes: "a rolling stone gathers no moss, not to get rich." Sometimes I feel right, after all gehangrugeshan.

, who spent two years as a tour guide in Guilin, Yangshuo, had no money, but had a good time. After all, it was his favorite career. I also learned a lot of knowledge, right, also took a national tour guide. In short, when this year tour also very happy! As we all know, this is not what the tour guide occupation need technical content, as long as your mouth to speak, the travel agency to do a full-time tour guide or a year can earn some money. To make money, I admit that making money is difficult, I admit. Like Guilin now, there are more than 1W guides, most of the tour guides can do nothing, the new guide on the one hand to endure the exploitation of travel agencies, on the other hand, but also do everything possible to please visitors happy, even if visitors do not point shopping. And now travel more and more low, profits are less and less, resulting in a vicious spiral, the new tour guides have more bad days before! When I was admitted to a tour guide is not necessarily to travel to work, I feel that as a college student in the tourism industry even if a tour card no, it is not a joke, so I was determined to test a tour card (national tour card acceptance rate is only about 20%), right and proper engaged in the tourism industry. Effort pays off. After summing up the reasons for the first defeat, I finally got my second wish.

said so much, I also have nothing to do with the tour guide? Yes? Do what link? Because we do travel, work is free, if tourists can now arrange tour itinerary, if we can play the off-season. Because the original choice of this profession, but also break through layers of resistance, and they are also determined to create a blue sky of their own. Otherwise, mixing is not good, isn’t it regarded as a laughing stock? I am more interested in this person, such as spoken English, advertising design are more interested, during the University also learned Photoshop, but also has a certain basis. Just when the boss also just sold a travel website, because he does not understand website maintenance, so I help him to maintain. To tell you the truth, I didn’t understand anything, even the most basic Dreamwever site editors, websites, domain names, and spaces

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