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Do stand never think about what Baidu Google

do stand, never go to think of what Baidu GG

recently tired, the mood is not good, can’t write about in this program, ADMIN5, morning wrote an article, then write an article.

visited, found a lot of Baidu search, SEO tutorials and other articles, for which I can really be very vegetables. For a long time, I do not always understand these things. I just do a home station, focus has been on my hometown will help here to register, upload news, information, submission, not to consider from Baidu traffic to these sites, not because what the meaning of the flow.

I do half a year, suddenly received a call from Baidu Inc, asked me whether I want to do "Wugang" keywords ranking, I said I want to do, I do is Wugang people website?. But when I heard that I was going to pay 3000 oceans, I was dizzy. That was my salary for a month and a half. Suddenly found that I have many articles browsing less, and then I did not put the CNZZ statistics on the site, but also do not know what the reason.

guess now, maybe my website, in Wugang keyword ranking is very close to it.

later, I added CNZZ statistics, and found that the flow from Baidu every day, there are many, go to Baidu search, even found that Wugang keyword, my website is in the first place.

later, many villagers told me, always remember domain name, each time to Baidu search, and then come in. I am dizzy, in fact, I get a domain name, it should be very good to remember. The 4305 is Takeoka Hito in front of four digit ID number, now this year, what have to lose the identity card number, which couldn’t remember.

, Baidu gave me, and that’s all. What’s more, my website is constantly modified and constantly adjusted, because all the code is written by myself, I have a whim, I want to change how to change, and sometimes I will change it again. Site map I never do, have been too lazy to do. As a matter of fact, such a web site, there is nothing included, but I didn’t care, I tube Baidu included my station do what?

what I care about is that we are from Wugang. After registration, do you often come to login?. Because of the cost of space, I logged out everyone’s login records every two months. Sometimes I even want to clean up those who haven’t logged in for three months, and then I think it’s wrong. However, for those who haven’t been up for a long time, I sometimes take the time to write emails or QQ to contact them. But now, as we receive a lot of junk mail, we learn a little bit about the members who haven’t been able to view messages in a timely manner.

there are a lot of people who can’t think of it. My station is only IP per day

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