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From the creative point of view on today’s Web site

once wrote in the blog "on the web site" and "from the background of today s Web site" from the domain name, now to write an article on the web site of the article, I hope you can help. The site can be creative will make the website features in the same site, and sometimes you can have your creative users favor, then you ahead of the pack. URL station is the same reason, as a user online home page, if it is a very annoying site, it is estimated that the station owners as home page, and even webmasters are reluctant to set the home page, how sad. The site of the station is more creative in the user experience, and this chapter will give you an analysis of the site where the creative ideas.

1, hao123

, my three article is about hao123 first. After all, he’s the boss. Web site is his idea. It can be said that web site classification is also his creativity. Now you can also find a "my hao123" link at the top of the hao123, and click on a powerful custom hao123 page that takes advantage of cookies.

2, 265

can not deny that the originality of the second is indeed quite a bit. The moving glasses on the Logo are an obvious and interesting idea. However, compared with the hao123265 and the weather forecast, fast navigation, web browsing, recent favorites, a new window opens, and the position of the mobile Web classification and so on creativity, is born based on user experience. At the top of the 265, you can also find him, in addition to integrated site navigation, and city navigation. Therefore, the second is well deserved.

3, gjj

His creative

I think we all know, that is the antecedents of ranking, now a lot of exchange web site (common is that owners included such sites) are used for ranking the antecedents of creativity, creativity can not only encourage links, and can encourage click, is a traffic exchange way, popular webmaster love.


this site, I saw at first sight, think it is imitation hao123, but a serious look, in fact, there are many places with hao123 is not the same. There is a very popular color change function, relatively complete functions, and each web site has a corresponding introduction page, it is estimated that there will soon be a comment feature baked, but it is not clear that this is not tasteless function. The most interesting thing is the top alarm function. How many bells or Jay Chou’s bells, huh?.


I also recently found the station, his custom is very strong, can set the page size, color pages, the page background, whether to open the weather forecast and so on, but the overall style is feeling a bit ugly, if you could work at that will be very good.

6 and 114,


for 114, me >

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