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Foundation of building a website talking about the purchase of domain name and space

09 years, the Internet is not a very quiet year. More and more people join the ranks of higher, more and more people to buy the domain name and space. New site, other estimates and not say, the first condition is domain name and space. IDC flooding today, to buy a moderate price, relatively stable IDC service providers are becoming more and more difficult. Today, a text is mainly to my personal experience to tell some novice webmaster how to choose the IDC service provider.

1. domain name

domain names are now divided into two price trends on the internet. One is the domain name service provider to nets as the representative of the price is very expensive; a price is very low, is the domain name service provider first 50%. The novice webmaster generally puzzled, is the choice that you have to accept the network, or to choose the small IDC that cheap domain name?? this site before must consider. Now the domain name agent process is like this. CNNIC—–> Wan net an agent ——> small IDC service providers. CNNIC is unable to register domain names directly. All domain names are registered from the first level agents. Our domain name registered in the small IDC service agent is from the domestic agents at the level of the agent out there. Management is also entirely referred to the primary management. So, in addition to worrying about the small IDC service running, other domain names are not used to worry. You can choose a better credit for the small IDC service provider to register domain names. All domain name management has a dedicated web site, domain name management password is completely independent. Some small IDC service provider will ask you to enter the domain name password management at the time of registration; others are completely generated by the system, and then display in the control panel; others are completely not to tell you, only in the management of time management from his website. Here to the novice webmaster a bit of advice: when registering a domain name to stay an eye, if you are not required to enter the name, address, and other details of the service providers do not register (according to the provisions of CNNIC, in addition to all of the domain name, the domain name registration after the other information can be modified). Even if you go to court, the domain name domain name all his company, the lawsuit is sure defeat you. Domain name is the most important thing of a website, but often novice webmaster has ignored his importance. If I have the domain name management, I earn tens of millions a year, it is really less.

2. space (virtual host)

space, although no domain name is so important. But, because he can’t see or touch, it’s really difficult to choose. Moreover, the filing adds difficulty to the selection of domain name and space.

space, the high price is not necessarily good quality. A few days ago, I looked at a website, 100M space only 30, not in two days up to 120, and the service is still the same, but the price has turned several times. Some webmaster want to spend more money to buy a good point empty

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