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Lin Haoming a few important factors of unsuccessful website operation

today, according to their own summary of experience, for everyone to share the success of the site of several major reasons for the operation, I believe this reason for writing, the webmaster is also more interested. In the morning A5 submission Tuiyou network was born can let the webmaster spend less money wasted, this article in the morning until now ranked Baidu reprint volume of fourth pages, I hope today to write an article that will help more of you. The success of website operation is related to several aspects, such as positioning, technology, promotion, capital, fighting capacity, profit and so on. So we need to get rid of these first conditions before we run the website.


site is not properly positioned.

in the webmaster circles to operate a station has been a very common, for enterprise networks fudge do a business station, within a year didn’t help their own revenue, cost and income will be 95:5, why can’t they use the benefits of Web site, because they do not understand not to the network like that. Because before, I also worked in the network company, in this regard more understanding. However, we should consider those factors. First, the target group, the so-called target group is your target age, demand, etc., should be what kind of Web site dedicated to the user?. Second income earners will come from those who are students or social professionals. Third, the direction of development, you need to consider whether you can do the project, the difficulty is not large, and so on. A lack of positioning of the site, often in the operation of thinking about profitability, the degree of development of the site, the content of the site, and so on. There are so many problems that your workload and pressure are increasing, so we should do our best to locate the website first.

lacks technology, not user experience,

now want to be a webmaster, not as cumbersome as before, and now the Internet society has all kinds of free open source program. There is no need for high tech content, so we should not focus our attention on technology. We should focus on the user experience, the artist and the features. Mentioned before a website blog "what is the user experience and how to make the user experience", this paper mentioned why men for a more beautiful look? As you a beautiful website people will be more a few minutes, will stay. There are features, you should consider how to do a unique in the peer, to improve their peer competitive advantage.

lack promotional efforts,

more than two problems solved third links, to promotion, promotion, we all know the chain, the chain, optimization, publicity and so on. The upper section is also mentioned, and now do not need a very high technical content. It used to be 5 people competing for one word, but now maybe 100 or even 1000 people compete in the word. Later may 100 million or may, but we are all 80- 90 after the webmaster, not so much money to invest in Baidu. Can only do SEO optimization, optimization is a combination of the chain, inside the chain, propaganda, word layout process, we want to unplug the lazy tendons, strengthen the implementation of efforts to do well. If >

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