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Magic time net the road of SNS transformation


current guest: magic time net, CEO, Zhang Rui,

participates in the interview: QQ group 57322806

1, website background

Fang Qingbin:

welcome CEO, Mr. Zhang Rui, welcome to the interview.

Hello, Mr. Zhang, congratulations to Mosh, 100 rated a success, obtained by the State Council Development Research Center and International Banking Federation issued by institutions such as sponsored "Chinese International Private Equity Forum" of the "2008 China most investment value of top 30 enterprises" honor. Let’s give us a brief introduction to magic time nets.

Zhang Rui:

Hello everyone, I am very glad to have the opportunity to communicate with you here. I know that all of us are colleagues here. We hope that through exchanges today, we will be able to achieve both. Let me give you a brief overview of magic time nets, was launched in March 2006 and has been around for more than two years. Mosh is a Internet Co that provides social networking services for Chinese workers between the ages of 22 and 30, and our positioning and direction are all social networks, the so-called SNS.

on our website at the beginning, the performance is one of the active information based media platform, so a lot of people will think we are a city website, or have we classified as city consumer media or community website. In 2007 December, we made a relatively large revision, in the product mix and future product planning, more clearly toward the direction of SNS in the development. The city activity information platform is a feature for us, or a good one, but it is not our full orientation.

here you can briefly tell me why you began to think of doing such a website. Why did you firmly turn into a SNS structure later?.

first do the site, because I was in my friend found a demand that is often in a free time, don’t know what kind of interesting activities in the city can go to.

‘s other discovery is that communication on the Internet, whether it’s from IM or from the community, is one of the last attractions, or to meet

down the line

, which seems to be a good combination of these two needs, did not see a similar site in china. However, a series of event related websites such as, and eventful.> have appeared in foreign countries

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