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How to quickly gather popularity in Game Forums

in recent years, the popularity of the game industry has made the game forums springing up like mushrooms. But most people’s forums are deserted, and there are not many people to patronize. What I’m doing is the Crowne rain game community. Today I’ll talk about how I quickly raised the popularity of the website in a short time.

first of all, you have to choose an impressive name for the site. In the process of selection of the website, we deny many names, eventually settled with crown rain (with LOGO design) community, because the name is not only to give people a very large imagination, but also able to browse the forum of people left a deep impression. Friends, come and see

second, select a fast virtual host or server for the forum. According to average people’s Internet habits, if you open a new website and wait for 5 seconds or more, they usually turn the page off directly, and you may lose a potential loyal supporter. A5 there are many host services to provide good faith business, has not yet bought a host of friends, you can see. I have chosen a provider of dual line services to ensure the speed of the forum. Don’t force me to say which one, so as not to advertise.

third, select the appropriate content of the forum. The special nature of the game industry determines that your forum can not be a hodgepodge of everything that can be included. Think carefully about what games you want to focus on and focus on them. The forum is not just providing information to others, but providing an atmosphere for discussion. There is no good discussion atmosphere, even if someone came to your website, you can not leave them in the forum.

fourth, do a good job of forum art. No matter how good the content of your site, if the site gives the visual feel uncomfortable, you are likely to lose the flow; instead, one can give people a good visual experience in website retain popularity is very effective.

fifth, do forum SEO. Website probably know the importance of SEO, the establishment of the early stage of the forum, you need to do a good job of internal SEO. In addition to TITLE, META, descriptions, and so on, each section introduces the keyword that you want to highlight.

well above the 5 step is to start your journey to promote your website, introduce to the people on the Internet, of course, don’t forget, insist that every update your website, this is a necessary condition to retain popularity.

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