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New sites to ensure that included factors analysis

1. site successfully built, began to add content; add Web site, each column keywords

2. search for new site login

3. a few pieces of the original article, even if it is reproduced to change to

4. starts waiting to include

seems to be this is the webmaster fixed site thinking mode, but if this still can’t do? If in accordance with this, 3~5 days have not been included? What is the problem,


guess possible cause:

1., the same server other sites on their site included will have an impact?


can be a server in the site through the check and you see, there are 29 stations the number of records, remove the duplicate name, almost 20; most of them are garbage station, only 2 ~ 3 OK, Baidu Google almost are included.

these in the same IP garbage station, how many of our new sites will be included in the impact, is not it? But Google there is no relevant explanation? It seems not to see. In accordance with the Google mature search algorithm, this will be added to it? I hope not, but I believe it will.


2. add a lot of duplicate content?

new station just built up, content is empty, always want to hunt someone else’s better content, but these content is often in the search engine, you can receive thousands, tens of thousands of articles. Copy too much of something else, the probability of hanging is big; the original things seem not guaranteed to be caught spiders so poor, some original content is destroyed? Then how to do? Try this: a copy of the content is not too much, to maintain a certain proportion of the original this is of course content, the proportion of the latter is higher; so, to be included and then began to appropriately increase the copy the contents of the note is appropriate.

3., I’ve hung several stations on the server before, and changed several different content sites. The domain name also points to more than one. (many times there are 5), the front has been included; and now the new site of the domain name submitted to Baidu / Google, this is OK,


, if the site binding domain name too much, according to "SEO expert" is absolutely affect the collected; we also think so;

If the

server before we send a website, has been found recorded, then we delete it, so for several other sites; under such circumstances, the spider will not be on this server bored? If this is true, then it is not difficult to conclude that the previously discussed "on the same server under the influence of other sites on our new site should be set up;

4. almost

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