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The competitive QQ space code station

one day in March, I around on the Internet, found a set of QQ space code (data), only remember the reasons to do this station just for fun, but at that time, just have time to do such a thing.

began to stand, and do not consider the SEO, just put a bound program, a domain name, the domain name OK! No choice what, just put a domain name of the previous application ( on the binding, you see, how can such a domain name to Lenovo QQ space the code at all? There is no contact, contact and outdated motherboard.

in fact, this code station is not how to publicize, I just do a little bit, that is, every day to update at least ten new articles. Starting with the site (probably in late March), I got up at 6 a.m. every morning to update the content for the site. Although the content is not original, but at least every article title I will all modify, content, basically can modify, modify.

to now, although the daily traffic is only a few hundred IP, but for me to come, this is also a small achievement. As for optimization, I can say nothing about it. I didn’t know any key words before. I wonder if you have any suggestions for optimization. Some words teach me, ha ha.

update and then is to continue non-stop every day, and gradually, I began to see the emergence of save picture down, upload to other places and quoting them (because of my little space will not dare to my room.).

before, also heard a friend said, QQ space code station is not good now, indeed, I this station is a person in my operation, limited time, limited energy. In the face of the current QQ space code station, my website can survive, I can not go on, I sometimes have a little doubt. But I think I can update my website every day with something close to original. Maybe I can survive.

in fact, my heart also understand this truth: there is no original content, or new ideas, the site can not become big.

, but an experience, an experience, that’s enough,

at the same time welcome the webmaster friends of QQ station and I exchange friendship links ~ Please add 15986139

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