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Website profit is the key talk about the commercial operation of individual website

website profit, it is the topic that each stationmaster cares, do the purpose of station, be to gain profit of course. Many webmasters will design good website profit mode in the network may be established early goal can not be achieved soon, but after all, design a good profit model, the late site development will sleep without any anxiety, while doing the station, while calculating income, it is likely that many webmaster’s dream to do station mode.

on the original intention of operating the website, I believe that many people are interested in the beginning, but interest can not maintain life after all, so the site is very profitable reality. Do people would say, profitable website is a good website, because only the site profit, to the smooth development, in order to many personal websites in the ocean, to find a space for one person, it will not be eliminated. So, before you start your website, consider the profit model first.

all know that Tencent QQ instant messaging tool is currently the most powerful, 300 million of the country’s Internet users, almost all of the people will use QQ. QQ software use free, convenient, Internet users as long as their own download and install software, will be able to carry out even chat. If just download software, and can not bring too much profit for Tencent, so Tencent launched QQ members, there are other Yu Putong users. Each QQ user 10 dollars a month membership fees to bring endless profits for Tencent. A clear profit model, strong Tencent group, strong Tencent fortress, let the development of Tencent Shirupozhu, quickly into one of the three major domestic portals, momentum should not be overlooked. Of course, QQ members are just one of the ways they can make money, but webmasters can learn some tips for earning money from the site.

some webmaster in design website profit, grasp the profit model is not clear. In the modern Internet environment, only commercial management can achieve considerable development. For example, Comsenz forum program, provided free of charge to owners, the public welfare behavior has been webmaster affirmation and support, but praised the market situation is awkward. If the site does not have a better profit model, it can not provide users with better software and services, and public welfare behavior, after all, can not maintain website operations. So, Kang Sheng launched a commercial version, the charging service including technical services, more security maintenance content, add new content services, allowing users to think value for money, willing to spend money to buy. Kang Sheng also realized the profit of the program and realized the change of the embarrassing situation.

advertising revenue, membership fees are common profit model, many websites, especially large portals, are supported by advertising revenue website development. Website bigger and stronger, and naturally there will be advertisers come to the door, and realize the profit is more relaxed. For example, Sina, Baidu and other advertisers are favorite media platform.

intermediary platform costs. Some websites are profitable by offering third party trading platforms and collecting intermediary fees. For example, the owners of the webmaster network trading service platform>

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