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My Amoy Road To summarize the method gain

in Ali mother has just launched the word "Tao" had been heard, was also not to regard it as right and I don’t think this, what relationship. All along, I also for my dream, constantly groping forward. It’s never stopped looking for projects that suit you. Just one day, accidentally went to see Ali’s mother’s Web site, and then seriously learned the "help center" of some knowledge, it suddenly realized that Taobao is a good for my development of a good project.

first, I have my own work, want to start on time, easier said than done, need money, manpower, etc. support can be realized, but now is different, these can be saved, by the mother of Ali and Taobao created, I need only on this platform, for sale both sides take the bridge on a can, this is not a 0, 0 investment risk industry? Furthermore, traditional business needs to purchase, sales and so on many aspects, because of personal time and energy etc., undoubtedly limited the development of the cause, so, the traditional business is mostly a regional business activities can be Taobao customers because of the Internet based, so basically no geographical restrictions.

really started to do Taobao customers should be 08 years to the end of November, after about a week for the learning of basic knowledge, only started making website and publicity, many friends in the forum complained of a lack of income, it is not surprising that you need to remind friends, if you want to do, you must choose to stick to anything, is this, we need to have a process, and your Taobao account is off the Commission after a period of time, not today have sales, tomorrow there is a commission, give me the feeling of a commission to account at least in your ad is seen and a week after purchase even more than two weeks to arrive. Because the guest Commission is to your account in the second days after the payment of the. So you don’t want to be promoted today, you can get the Commission tomorrow. This is virtually impossible unless the customer buys the product in real-time.

many friends might ask, "how do you do promotions?" This is actually very simple, you can say that, as long as you can bring traffic to Taobao, you can bring commission. (of course, this is based on set in your promotional link this requires that you must master the basic knowledge, basic knowledge and learning all the local best is to see Taobao customers, therefore, help) friends to their brains, think about how Taobao can bring flow. Often see some friends on the forum to send the code Amoy direct link, I will not feel what, at least you have to put this extension into a hyperlink in the form of words to describe the advantages and performance of information will you promote products to stimulate users. May I ask a vapid code to link and there will be a few people? The friends may ask, in the end how to promote it? In fact, nothing more than the several forms, I think this is the best material.

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