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LaLiga does not allow the Almeria maneuver for its winter movements

first_imgIn this regard, AS reported last week about the pressures that some players were receiving to go to those destinations, something denied by Mohamed El Assy, who reported that Almeria had not yet received an official response from the Employers.The club wanted to bring Scarpa, Matías Palacios and Di Plácido from South America both to reinforce their staff and to try to revalue them for future sales. The last one has even been a couple of weeks in Almeria lands waiting for his agreement to be closed. So, The Almeria entity will have to find a different solution to the strategy of transferring them to prices above the market to gain weight from the income account. Some fans have already shown their unease about the situation, although LaLiga’s position is to maintain financial control to avoid dislikes in the future. The club, asked yesterday by this means, replied that they have no news about it.Villalba, in the absence of LaLiga’s OKFran Villalba will be the Almeria team player but the last minute fringes are distorted. Almeria has reached an agreement with Birmingham, with Valencia and with the footballer for the midfielder to pack and reinforce the whole of José María Gutiérrez in this winter window. The Valencian entity has already approved the operation and could be closed shortly, in the absence of LaLiga approves it. LaLiga has players valued, and the clubs can sell them for a higher price than the price, but always within limits, to respect the financial fair play agreement signed by the clubs themselves. By the sales of Aliyu and Youness del B himself, also of the, as well as of other players of the first team, in the case of Gaspar and Sekou, Almeria tried to increase its salary limit to be able to deal with operations in how many entries it refers. Although Gaspar was looking to land in Cádiz and Sekou in Valladolid, the new property wants to send them to exotic leagues. The UD Almería cannot continue with its roadmap established for the winter market since LaLiga does not finish accepting its maneuvers to increase the salary limit. The Almeria entity has sought to upload the last through sales in which to inflate the market price, something that the Employer has not allowed, within your financial control. For example, Aliyu, a ‘B’ player signed this summer for 150,000 euros, Almeria wanted to sell for around one million, something that LaLiga has not given its approval.last_img read more

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Roberto Martínez will renew as Belgium coach

first_imgThe Belgian football coach, the Spanish Roberto Martínez, said Sunday that he will continue to lead the “Red Devils” when your contract ends after the European Championship next summerThe technician answered affirmatively to the question of whether he will renew his contract, launched on the French channel program Téléfoot by Belgian international Thorgan Hazard, in a questionnaire format with “yes” or “no” answers.Martínez’s renovation, which led Belgium to a historic third place in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, has generated some controversy this week after its representativeJesse De Preter, make sure the technician is underpaid in the Belgian team. “He has been underpaid for four years,” the agent told the television network LN 24 on a possible prolongation of the coach’s commitment to the federation of Belgium, since he has held since August 2016.The president of the Federation, Mehdi Bayat, stepped out ensuring that the eventual prolongation of Martinez does not respond to “a financial problem” and underlining that there is an “extremely respectful” relationship between institution and coach.Roberto Martínez, on the other hand, had not made statements about his renewal so far.last_img read more

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Feddal, the immediate performance option for Valencia

first_imgBetis paid three million euros for the player so the option would be something else. Feddal is a totally different option from Javi Sánchez. Although he hasn’t played at Betis for weeks, he is an immediate performance player. Meet LaLiga and the city, since he played in Levante, and would not require adpatation. Yes, Betis would not want me to play next Saturday, in Mestalla. In that case, Feddal would arrive only for 12 games this season since he could not play the Champions League either. The words of Dani Parejo suggesting that the club had not taken seriously the issue of signing a central seems to have taken effect. Valencia negotiates several bands to incorporate a central defender in the coming days. In fact, it already has closed agreements with both Javi Sánchez, as reported by AS, as with Zou Feddal, as advanced Sports stadium. Now missing reach an agreement with Real Madid or with Betis so that one of the two operations I came to fruition shortly. With Madrid, the operation remains entrenched by the purchase option that Valencia wants to include. In the case of Betis, César is also negotiating with the intention that the operation crystallizes in the form of an assignment with a mandatory purchase option, at the end of the season. At the moment there is talk of the amount of this repurchase.last_img read more

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Bartomeu is ‘armored’ before the threat of a new wash

first_imgNevertheless, The Royal Society is a rival that a priori will pose more problems than Eibar, So the scarves could appear at any time and with more frequency and intensity during the match, depending on the future of the match. There will be a second wash at Camp Nou this Saturday. Who else or who less at the presiding board Josep Maria Bartomeu He has assumed that the Blaugrana Coliseum will be flooded with white scarves before starting on match against Real Sociedad (18.30 hours). The situation regarding the first blunder that was experienced at the Camp Nou two weeks ago in the match against Eibar has not improved and it can even be said openly that it has worsened.The club still does not give explanations about the plot on social networks with the excuse that the internal audit has asked for more time, the team has lost the lead after losing against Real Madrid, Also, he has shown his weakness against the group by bending over after his second overacting on the bench of the Bernabéu, the board throws the probe balloon over the possibility of making a referendum in May on Espai Barça, whose budget has passed from 600 to 800 million euros, as a smoke screen to the possibility of advancing elections …Messi’s goals appeased the previous blinkSocial networks have already been mobilized and various accounts are making massive appeals for the flooding to be even greater than Bartomeu suffered in the last home game. The truth is that the first cloth that lived que in situ ’the Blaugrana leader went from more to less, thanks to the goal poker that Leo Messi scored and that served to temper the spirits in the stands. Thus, there was a spontaneous and quite majority reaction of the partner, with white scarves and shouts of ‘Bartomeu, resignation’, which got worse because the game took a few minutes to start because of some technical problems, to gradually calm down as the goals fell. Hence, Bartomeu has decided to stop, hoping that the results will finally take him out of this quagmire. His intention is to finish his term until June 30, 2021 and does not intend to move an iota in that sense. Not even having a divided board and with several sectors very critical to its management and that demands an urgent renewal, have made it modify or consider its continuity in front of the club.But it is evident that this resistance of the Blaugrana president would begin to find structural cracks if the partner increases his pressure against the way of managing this meeting and manifests it in a more angry and notorious way in each party. And since the match against Eibar, the matches at the Camp Nou they have not only become an exam for the Setién team but for the board chaired by Bartomeu.last_img read more

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Advíncula is on the Sampdoria agenda, according to ANSA

first_imgAdvíncula is in Madrid due to the coronavirus crisis. The postponement of the Copa América to 2021 will make its presence possible until the end of the season in the hypothetical case that LaLiga ends up resuming. Something that is still in the air. The international is a celebrity in his country, who follows all his movements on social networks: from his exercises at home so as not to lose shape to his imitation of his compatriot, ex-soccer player Cuto Guadalupe. Advíncula landed in Vallecas in the summer of 2018, when He arrived on loan from the Tigres and with a purchase option that Rayo finally exercised a year later. This operation was around three million euros and was carried out after the 2019 Copa América, where the Peruvian international played a great role. This campaign, the defender has been gaining prominence in the franjirrojo team and, right now, he is a fixture in the eleven of Paco Jémez. Luis Advíncula is on the Sampdoria agenda for the 2020-21 season, as reported by ANSA. This historic club is already planning the next course and has set its sights on the Rayo side, which it has been following for several months. It is not a fleeting interest. It seems that the Sampdoria is serious. Hence, according to the Italian agency, there have been contacts between both entities and the negotiation will start from four million euros.last_img read more

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Aitor, on a reduction in salary: “There will be no problems sitting down with the club”

first_imgLevante goalkeeper Aitor Fernández confessed this Sunday that the staff is willing to collaborate with the club to find a solution to the economic uncertainty caused by the disruption in LaLiga due to the coronavirus crisis and stressed that they are “privileged“and that there are other workers of the entity in a more delicate situation.“It is clear that in the end it is normal for workers to be concerned. I know that in the club they are doing everything possible to solve the problem and we we are ready to collaborate with the club. There is no problem sitting down with them. “Aitor told Efe when asked if they would accept a reduction in salary, as other clubs have already proposed to their footballers.The Basque goalYes, he assured that this scenario has not yet occurred in Levante and was more concerned about other club workers. “We are privileged but there are workers who may be more affected and the club always tries to solve it“, pointed out the Basque goal. Aitor commented that the main thing now is to solve the health crisis and declined to comment on when the competition could return. “It makes me hard to think about when LaLiga will return. The essential thing is that people are well and that the virus is gone, that there is not so much trouble and anxiety. LaLiga will have to make a decision as soon as possible but it will resume“he indicated. “Dates cannot be set because we don’t know how long this will last“added the goalkeeper, who explained that they have not yet had any definitive conversation between the footballers about the time they will need to get ready.“I think it’s okay with two weeks of preseason. But we have not had any positive case but I don’t know how the players who have suffered will feel and you have to be in solidarity with those teams“he pointed out.center_img The Basque goalkeeper told Efe that because of his demarcation he would not need such intense physical work but that he will need “feel the touch of the ball“for at least a couple of weeks and confessed that At home he does not have a good ball. “Some ball that I have stolen from the dog and little else“the Levante goalkeeper joked.“We are also working on tactical issues through video calls so as not to completely disconnect football. Also, I like to see myself after the games, just that week, but now I don’t like to see previous games and I do I am watching quite a few games of Atlético, Real Madrid or Barcelona that they are putting on television“he declared.In addition, Aitor acknowledged that he has not wasted time thinking about whether the break can affect him individually, since he was at the best moment of his career. “The truth is that I have not given any return because there are more important things. I am not selfish in that regard and I only hope that when I return I will feel as good as before, “he concluded.last_img read more