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Study reveals baby monkeys may be affected for life if separated from

first_img( — A new study by scientists in China has found that baby rhesus macaques stressed by being separated from their mothers remained anxious and had poor social skills even three years after separation. The babies had to be separated from their mothers at birth for a variety of reasons, such as the mother lacking breast milk or being too inexperienced to care for the infant safely. Some of the babies were taken into care because they were too weak or at risk of failing to survive in cold, rainy conditions. Citation: Study reveals baby monkeys may be affected for life if separated from their mothers (2011, August 19) retrieved 18 August 2019 from The researchers compared 22 rhesus macaques reared by their mothers and 13 reared in incubators for a month and then paired with another age-matched monkey that had been separated from its mother. At around seven months old, all the monkeys (peer-raised and mother-raised) were moved to mixed-sex social groups without adults, in connected indoor/outdoor enclosures.After being returned to living a normal life with other monkeys, the young peer-raised monkeys continued to have problems after 1.5 years, and even three years after returning to normal life. They responded to stress more slowly than monkeys raised by their mothers, were prone to depression, moved less, sucked their own fingers and toes, and showed other signs of anxiety. The researchers also found that their baseline levels of cortisol—the hormone in humans and monkeys that helps the body to cope with stress—in their hair were lower than normal. Blood samples showed blood cortisol was slower to reach a peak in response to stress than in mother-reared infants.The research, carried out by Xiaoli Fenga and Lina Wang of the State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Science at the University of Hong Kong, and their colleagues, is the first study that suggests changes in the brains of the baby monkeys, caused by the sustained release of cortisol during the stress of separation, could lead to poor development of some areas of the brain such as the hippocampus, and that these changes may not be reversed by a return to a normal social life.Studies on humans have also found that adversity early in life, such as abuse or mistreatment in childhood, can lead to long-term problems such as depression and abnormal behavior patterns.The results of the study could have implications for humans, and could find application for the treatment of people suffering as a result of adversity or trauma early in life. The authors suggest the rhesus macaque is a good animal model to study the effects of early adversity in humans. The paper was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this week. Baby monkeys receive signals through their mother’s breast milk Explore furthercenter_img © 2011 More information: Maternal separation produces lasting changes in cortisol and behavior in rhesus monkeys, PNAS, Published online before print August 15, 2011, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1010943108AbstractMaternal separation (MS), which can lead to hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis dysfunction and behavioral abnormalities in rhesus monkeys, is frequently used to model early adversity. Whether this deleterious effect on monkeys is reversible by later experience is unknown. In this study, we assessed the basal hair cortisol in rhesus monkeys after 1.5 and 3 y of normal social life following an early separation. These results showed that peer-reared monkeys had significantly lower basal hair cortisol levels than the mother-reared monkeys at both years examined. The plasma cortisol was assessed in the monkeys after 1.5 y of normal social life, and the results indicated that the peak in the peer-reared cortisol response to acute stressors was substantially delayed. In addition, after 3 y of normal social life, abnormal behavioral patterns were identified in the peer-reared monkeys. They showed decreases in locomotion and initiated sitting together, as well as increases in stereotypical behaviors compared with the mother-reared monkeys. These results demonstrate that the deleterious effects of MS on rhesus monkeys cannot be compensated by a later normal social life, suggesting that the effects of MS are long-lasting and that the maternal-separated rhesus monkeys are a good animal model to study early adversity and to investigate the development of psychiatric disorders induced by exposure to early adversity. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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New evidence suggests Earths oxygen levels fell after the Great Oxidation Event

first_img Journal information: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Citation: New evidence suggests Earth’s oxygen levels fell after the Great Oxidation Event (2013, October 1) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Scientists have found multiple sources that indicate that approximately 2.3 billion years ago, oxygen levels in the atmosphere (and oceans) increased dramatically—they’ve named it the Great Oxidation Event. Though scientists can’t explain exactly why this happened, they do believe it occurred during a time of major glaciation, and was perhaps the result of the evolution of bacteria. Since that time, scientists have believed that changes in oxygen levels have been the result of a series of steps rather than great upheavals. Now, new research by the European team suggests that a change of thinking might be in store.To try to better understand what went on with the atmosphere as the Earth was evolving from a lifeless planet to the rich biota filled environment of today, scientists look to rocks formed millions or even billions of years ago, and to ocean sediments. In this latest effort, the research group looked to such samples gathered from the ocean floor off the coast of western Africa’s Republic of Gabon. Because sediments collect so slowly over time, analyzing them offers a glimpse into the past, similar in many respects to ice samples taken from polar climates. The samples they retrieved offered evidence of ocean (and therefore atmospheric) oxygen levels, before, during and after the Great Oxidation Event, and surprisingly, indicated that shortly after the large infusion of oxygen, there was a fall. The researchers attribute this fall to an increase in carbon and iron in the atmosphere, part of what they call the largest positive carbon-isotope excursion in the history of the planet. The oxygen reacted, they say, with iron and carbon forming oxides that were carried to the ocean floor. Though the carbon excursion can’t be explained either, it is believed it was likely tied to the evolution of life in the oceans. Atmospheric oxygenation three billion years ago Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img © 2013 More information: Oxygen dynamics in the aftermath of the Great Oxidation of Earth’s atmosphere, Published online before print September 30, 2013, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1315570110 AbstractThe oxygen content of Earth’s atmosphere has varied greatly through time, progressing from exceptionally low levels before about 2.3 billion years ago, to much higher levels afterward. In the absence of better information, we usually view the progress in Earth’s oxygenation as a series of steps followed by periods of relative stasis. In contrast to this view, and as reported here, a dynamic evolution of Earth’s oxygenation is recorded in ancient sediments from the Republic of Gabon from between about 2,150 and 2,080 million years ago. The oldest sediments in this sequence were deposited in well-oxygenated deep waters whereas the youngest were deposited in euxinic waters, which were globally extensive. These fluctuations in oxygenation were likely driven by the comings and goings of the Lomagundi carbon isotope excursion, the longest–lived positive ?13C excursion in Earth history, generating a huge oxygen source to the atmosphere. As the Lomagundi event waned, the oxygen source became a net oxygen sink as Lomagundi organic matter became oxidized, driving oxygen to low levels; this state may have persisted for 200 million years. ( —A team of European researchers has published a paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, offering a possible explanation for the apparent drop in early Earth’s oxygen levels following what has come to be known as The Great Oxidation Event. In their paper, the team suggests evidence found in ocean sediments indicates that a sudden addition of carbon into the atmosphere resulted in a relatively quick reduction in oxygen. According to Emma Hammarlund these 2 billion years old fossils represent an early life form that experimented with evolving into some kind of multicellular lifeform, but did not succeed. Credit: Abder El Albanilast_img read more

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Not enticing enough

first_imgIt is already a well-established fact that Hauz Khas Village is now the new Khan Market for foodies in the Capital. Restaurants are springing up in the narrow alleys and the very Manali-like buildings like a dime a dozen. Walk into the village which is frequented by the self-proclaimed ‘arty’ crowd and you will find the lanes buzzing till very late in the night.Which is exactly why I found it baffling that when I walked into The Food Mill, I found the restaurant to be completely empty — devoid of a single person save for the staff when everything around was full of people. More so, given that it is bang on the main road, not even tucked inside one of the narrow lanes like so many other restaurants. The explanation given to me was that it has newly opened and needs more marketing. But like we have seen in recent times, you don’t need PR or marketing for a restaurant to be successful anymore. Any regular will be able to name at least three restaurants in HKV itself which are doing fantastic business after good word-of-mouth publicity. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Where, then, is The Food Mill going wrong? The idea behind the restaurant apparently is that ‘the staff always tries to come up with fresh new recipes for breads and dishes’.  Ah well! The dishes are the same old. The menu is a mish mash of Conntinental, Mediterranean, Lebanese and even a section for weight watchers. The décor (complete with a verendah like smoking section) looks more like a college canteen with colourful tables and chairs. If the attempt was to make it funky and grungy (with some iron chain like stuff hanging from the ceilings), the results clearly don’t show. But the service is quick and the waiters clearly know the menu well. So if you are lost you will get helpful suggestions. They don’t have an alcohol license yet but the mocktails are quite good. Most of the food I ordered though was unimpressive, nothing that you won’t find elsewhere. The Roast Chicken with white wine risotto though was well made. I would also pick the Supreme of chicken which was stuffed with cheese and served with mashed potato and grilled vegetables. Don’t miss out the Blueberry cheesecake though. It’s really good!  But The Food Mill needs to figure out a way to attract customers. Not too many people would like being the only ones in a restaurant.  DETAILAt: 2nd Floor, 30, Powerhouse Building, Hauz Khas Village Timings: 11 AM TO 12:30 AMPhone: 26522114 Meal for two: Rs 2,000 inclusive of taxeslast_img read more

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ChinaVietnam agree to curb maritime disputes

first_imgChina and Vietnam have agreed to ‘address and control’ maritime disputes, state media said on Friday, as differences over the potentially energy-rich South China Sea have roiled relations between the two countries and other neighbours.Ties between the Communist countries sank to a three-decade low this year after China deployed a $1 billion-oil rig to the disputed waters which straddle key shipping lanes.Vietnam claims the portion of the sea as its exclusive economic zone, and the rig’s deployment Also Read – Pro-Govt supporters rally as Hong Kong’s divisions deepensparked a wave of riots and bloody clashes between Vietnamese and Chinese workers in Vietnam. The two countries should ‘properly address and control maritime differences’ to create favourable conditions for bilateral cooperation, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on Thursday on the sidelines of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Milan.‘Thanks to efforts from both sides, China-Vietnam relations have ridden out the recent rough patch and gradually recovered,’ the official Xinhua news agency cited Li as saying.Xinhua said Dung agreed and endorsed boosting ‘cooperation in infrastructure, finance and maritime exploration’.The comments were a reiteration of earlier pledges by leaders from the two countries. Also Read – Pak Army ‘fully prepared’ to face any challenge: Army spokesmanChina claims almost the entire South China Sea, believed to be rich in deposits of oil and gas resources. Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam also have claims in the waters where $5 trillion of ship-borne goods pass every year. Alarmed by China’s military rise and growing assertiveness, Vietnam has broadened its military relationships in recent years, most notably with Cold War-era patron Russia but also with the US.Beijing has told Washington to stay out of disputes over the South China Sea and let countries in the region resolve the issue themselves.last_img read more

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Five arrested for planning to decamp with valuables

first_imgKolkata: Five persons were arrested when they assembled in New Town with a motive to decamp with valuables from a house in the area. Acting on a tip off, police conducted a raid in New Town and arrested the accused.Cops came to know that a group of miscreants had chalked out a plan to decamp with valuables from a house.Based on a specific information, police was waiting at the spot where all the five were supposed to assemble.After waiting for around an hour, the police, who were in plainclothes, found the miscreants reaching the spot one after the other. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsThey gheraoed them from all sides and caught them red handed. Some of them attempted to escape. But the policemen chased them and arrested the miscreants.Police said the five arrested people are SK Sarif (22), a resident of Satragachi at Moukhali in Howrah, Tahzeeb Ahmed (29) of Howrah, Goni Gazi (19), a resident of Nandakishor Para in South 24-Parganas and Anup Bhim (36) of Mahadebpur in Nadia and Satyajit Pramanik of Thakdari Pramanik Para in New Town. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedPolice recovered a sharp knife and iron rods from the miscreants.It may be mentioned that the police have intensified its vigil in the area and it has helped in reducing crime in the area. Police have initiated interrogation to know whether others are involved in their racket. They are also trying to know whether they are involved in anymore cases of dacoity.A police officer said one of them is a local resident and he had chalked out the plan to decamp with the valuables from the house. They had also conducted a reccee in the area before attempting to commit the crime.last_img read more

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Essential skin care tips for men

first_imgLike women, men’s skin also requires proper nourishment and care to stay fresh. Skin care should be an important aspect of lifestyle, irrespective of age, but the technique should change as one grows old, says an expert.Indu Ballani, dermatologist at Mantra Medi spa at Delhi, shares how men can take care of their skin:Skin care at 20s: Skin at 20s has more oil content and tends to have problems like acne. Since, men do not go for facial packs and home remedies, men at this stage should use product that will help in controlling oil and simultaneously, provide nourishment. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’While buying products, be conscious about the ingredients of the products especially, if they are suffering from acne problem. Although the skin is developing and young at this stage, following basic skin care such as cleansing, moisturising and applying sunscreen will help them in maintaining a healthy skin.Skin care at 30s: When compared to women, men are certainly more exposed to sunlight. Additionally, at this stage, the sagging of the skin is visible. Not only due to the external factors, but also because the skin gets thinner at this age. Therefore, using anti-ageing creams is worth considering.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixSkin care at 40s and above: As we grow older, our skin loses its regeneration power therefore, needs some extra care. Apart from frequent use of a moisturiser, men should also consider using anti-ageing creams. Men, at this stage, can also opt for medical procedures and fillers to do away with the problem of skin ageing. They should use under eye rejuvenating creams to fight the fine lines that develop under the eye.last_img read more

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SSC releases final merit list of asst teachers for Classes IX X

first_imgKolkata: The School Service Commission on Tuesday released the final merit list of assistant teachers for Classes IX and X and announced that counselling for the same will be held from September 6 to 20. According to sources in SSC, the total number of vacancies stands at 12,905, while the merit list figures 7,662 candidates. The waiting list has the names of 8,256 candidates. It may be mentioned that 15,908 candidates had sat for the examination, that was held on November 27, 2016. The final panel was prepared on March 12 this year. The counselling for Bengali will not be held, as a litigation is going on in the Calcutta High Court.last_img read more

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TERI bats for dual use of Kolkata trams overhead power lines

first_imgKolkata: A policy research organisation has advocated bolstering the city’s tram infrastructure, including exploring the possibility of electric buses making use of the same overhead power supply network. A top official of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) said at an event here Thursday that a number of European cities run trams and buses on the same electric overhead wire network. “Tram infrastructure should be improved. The state government can explore dual-use of tram overhead power supply network, as the same can be shared by electric buses,” TERI Director General Ajay Mathur said on the sidelines of a Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) programme. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life He was responding to queries on the condition of tram services in city at a time when the central government is promoting e-vehicles. “Electric buses can use the overhead tram network wherever there is such availability before switching to its own to complete trips,” he said on Thursday. Mathur said if approached, it can undertake a detailed study for better use of the city’s tram infrastructure. The TERI official said according to a finding, Kolkatans use public transport for 79 per cent of their trips. In a bid to promote electric transportation to control emissions, the Department of Heavy Industries, under the FAME-1 scheme, had recently selected 11 cities for providing subsidy to procure electric vehicles on a pilot basis. A senior official of the West Bengal government said around 60-80 electric buses would be procured, 60 per cent of which will be funded by the Centre.last_img read more

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Working for a better tomorrow

first_imgA little guidance, a little support and a little care can help in changing someone’s life and that is what exactly happened, when Sunil Razdan and Adm (Rtd.) H C Malhotra came up with the idea of Gyan Shakti Vidyalaya: A school after school, for underprivileged children.Gyan Shakti Vidyalaya is both for boys and girls, each in nearly equal numbers, living in an abominable condition in the jhuggies (slums) on the Yamuna Belt. The school has been functioning in an open public park for two hours, everyday since its inception in 2006. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The underprivileged students of Gyan Shakti Vidayala, with the help of their supportive teachers organised a drama event Chanakya on Friday evening to celebrate the 10th year of this unique initiative.While the programme was aided by Samir Jain, Indeutch Pvt Ltd, the NGO is funded by Civil Society and individual donors. Ex-chief minister Sheila Dikshit along with other eminent personalities had graced the event. The 7th annual play, Chanakya showcased the political views of Chanakya, a teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor during the Mauryan Empire. Chanakya is considered as the pioneer of Political Science and his work is thought of as an important precursor to Classical Economics. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe endless effort of the students and teachers beautifully portrayed the character of Chanakya. The hard work of both the students and teachers made the show a worthwhile watch. As part of this event, the teachers talked about their enthusiasm and experience while creating this drama. They also shared their  conviction and the mutual cooperation for fulfillment of the desired aspirations.Adm (Rtd.) H C Malhotra opened up about the event saying, “Our main motive is to inspire the socially and economically backward students to become responsible, capable and employable citizens with pride and sense of belonging, by providing them educational needs along social, health and hygienic care”.  On how the aim could be achieved, he said, “By supporting their mainstream education in Delhi government schools and also additionally covering their activity based learning beyond their academics learning to enhance their communication skills, self confidence and by generating awareness among them will bring real transformation”.The Gyan Shakti Vidyalaya is an NGO with 430  children, out of whom a few have moved on to earn their  livelihood, after acquiring  the skills of their choice. Steria Noida has also enlightened the area by installing street lights. The school is managed by a core group of volunteers.Adm (Rtd) HC Malhotra also believes  that the root cause of poverty is way beyond a single NGO’s power to change, but their school is giving its best with supportive teachers and donor to bring the change.last_img read more

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Belly fat may increase risk of heart diseases

first_imgIncreasing stomach fat, also known as the “hidden fat” in abdomen, can lead to worsening heart disease risk factors, according to a study. The study adds to the growing evidence that regional fat deposits are harmful and further suggested that the density of the stomach fat (measured by CT scan) is important.“The study shows that an increase in the amount of stomach fat and a lower density fat is associated with worse heart disease risk factors – even after accounting for how much weight was gained,” said Caroline Fox, researcher at the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute in Maryland. Fox said the fat density results were particularly strong. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf“Measuring fat density is a new measure that we are still working to understand and warrants further investigation. We used it as an indirect measure of fat quality and found that lower numbers were linked to greater heart disease risk,” Fox added. They reviewed CT scans to assess how much abdominal fat had accumulated, its location and its density in 1,106 participants whose average age was 45 years and 44 per cent were women. Both subcutaneous adipose fat, the fat just under the skin, which is often visible ‘flab’ or love handles, and visceral adipose fat, the fat inside the abdominal cavity, were measured. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveOver the six-year follow-up period, participants had a 22 per cent increase in fat just under the skin and a 45 per cent increase in fat inside the abdominal cavity on average. In general, increases in the amount of fat and decreases in fat density were correlated with adverse changes in heart disease risk. Even though increase in both types of fat were linked to new and worsening cardiovascular disease risk factors, the relationship was even more pronounced for fat inside the abdominal cavity compared to fat just under the skin.In particular, individuals with greater increases in fat inside the abdominal cavity showed substantial increases in metabolic risk factors including high blood sugar, high triglycerides and low HDL, or good cholesterol, the researchers stated, in the paper published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.last_img read more

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Delaying womens marriages may boost kids well being

first_imgReducing child marriages and delaying the marriage of younger women in India may have significant results in improving child health and educational outcomes, a study has found.The research revealed that the children of women who got married later were more likely to complete their required vaccinations, have a higher weight-for-height.Their children were also more likely to enrol at school, as well as attain better grades in reading and maths.Getting married earlier, the women have different preferences. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThat was because she has less knowledge regarding health, possibly lower bargaining power and gives birth to many children, affecting theirwell-being, said Annemie Maertens from the University of Sussex in Britain. For the study, published in the Journal of Development Economics, the team looked at more than 32,000 women, aged 15-40, living in both rural and urban households across India.Although the legal marriageable age in India is 18 years for women and 21 years for men, over 50 per cent of women in the study reported being married at a younger age. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveAccording to the National Crime Records Bureau data, Tamil Nadu has been ranked the highest in terms of the number of cases registered under the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 during the last three years.In 2015, 77 cases were reported from the state, followed by 40 and 35 from West Bengal and Karnataka, respectively.As per an analysis of the 2011 census data by NGO Child Rights and You (CRY), nearly 35 million women and 10 million men in north India were married as children. “In the absence of social norms, which have not been changed, and in the absence of the ability to enforce laws, one might want to consider other incentives,” Maertens said.Incentive schemes such as the “our daughters, our wealth” program in Haryana and those that give a financial reward to parents of unmarried 18-year-old girls, could offer a solution, Maertens said.last_img read more

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Political leaders in West Bengal congratulate Mukherjee on being conferred Bharat Ratna

first_imgKolkata: Political leaders in West Bengal congratulated former president Pranab Mukherjee on Friday on being conferred the Bharat Ratna. “It is a matter of great pride for all of us that our very own Pranab Mukherjee is getting the Bharat Ratna. He is one of the most distinguished politicians in the country,” former state Congress chief and Member of Parliament Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said. The ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) in the state and the Communist Party of India (Marxist) too congratulated Mukherjee. “His contribution to Indian politics has been immense. He is not only a great son of India but also a great human being,” TMC secretary general Partha Chatterjee said. Mukherjee, Bharatiya Jana Sangh leader Nanaji Deshmukh and singer Bhupen Hazarika will be conferred the Bharat Ratna, the country’s highest civilian award, an official statement said on Friday.last_img read more

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Perfect your look in the monsoon

first_imgMonsoon is here, giving relief from the scorching heat! However it can bring a host of skin and hair related woes so make sure you are opting for the right rituals to have a natural glow. Also this is the time of the year when you should opt for bold colours and right make-up and have a fashion fiesta so don’t forget to keep your fashion quotient in place too. Here are some ways to have the right make-up:Less is more: Make-up in humid weather is bound to bleed so the best way to avoid it is to wear less make-up. Sporting a no-makeup look works perfectly for the spring season. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfPastels it is: Avoid using rich colours and stick to pastel and cool summer shades. Bright colours though attractive can look very heavy in humid summer weather.Hydration is a must: Hydrating sprays is a very good option for refreshing make-up. The spray keeps your skin hydrated and supple even in humid and scorching heat. Experts list down some fashion tips to get the perfect monsoon look.Shades to wear: Bright neon or light shades like ocean blue, sea green, cherry, watermelon, royal blue, peachy pink and lemon yellow would work wonders to uplift a person’s mood this monsoon season. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe flip flop style: The right combination of colourful accessories makes the monsoon attire all the more appealing. Accessories like fancy umbrellas to complete your look. Team up your monsoon outfits with vibrant flip-flops and rain boots. Beautiful bracelets, earrings, and neck pieces made of plastic, rubber, and acrylic make a trendy fad. Some tips for the skin.Use a good facial cleanser: As the monsoon weather makes the sebaceous glands hyperactive, the dust gets accumulated on the skin and bacterial growth takes place. Keeping your face clean with a good facial cleanser suitable for your skin type is very important in this weather. Use of a mild, soap free, pH balanced face wash can be really helpful. If you have oily skin, wash your face 2-3 times a day.Use face masks: Use of a face mask once a week, can be really helpful keeping the skin fresh, clean and glowing. A face mask with activated charcoal can be one of the best remedies for your skin care regime during monsoon and it helps deep cleanse the toxins from your face.last_img read more

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Exploring the mysteries of blue

first_imgIt is said that life is an abstract art, and it is up to the artist to draw meanings out of it.For Sangeeta Gupta, who feels that art cannot thrive unless it is shared – it is a means to liberate herself through colours as her tools, invoking the infinite and the five elements as her source of inspiration.With the idea of sharing art with others, she recently opened an art gallery at Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi under the ambit of Prithvi fine art and cultural centre – a registered society based in the heart of Delhi since 2011 with the objective to promote art, literature and music of India. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe gallery was inaugurated on July 14 India by Ambassador of Venezuela – Augusto Montiel, K L Ganju (Consul General for Republic of Union of the Comoros) and Ratan Kaul who marked their presence as the Chief Guest.Along with the inauguration there was also an opening of solo exhibition named as ‘NEEL – Mysteries of Blue’ by Sangeeta Gupta, whose art works will be on display until July 27.Many other senior artist including Niren Sengupta, Kanchan Chander, Ananda Moy Banerji, Sudip Roy, Siddharth Tagore and others also marked their presence at the inaugural. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveTalking about her outlook towards art she says, “To my inner self and elsewhere,nature is a phenomenon that creates and destroys time and space without a halt. As a painter, I have been composing shades of colours that dissolve nature into forms and formlessness and subsequently enter the region of nothingness. One may not be endowed with the knowledge of how to go beyond this experience.””It begins suddenly at an empty space, generates energy, goes on clubbing with opposite forces and finally passes beyond time. I have attempted to identify space at every nook and corner of the landscape, discovering and rediscovering the infinite existence of nothingness. My urge to conceive the truth of our time drives me sometimes to probe the elusive realms of human existence,” she adds.The artist, who is a resident of Delhi, has held 32 solo shows, authored 14 books and made seven documentary films.last_img read more

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Modi afraid of defeat CM

first_imgSuri/Durgapur: Coming down heavily on Narendra Modi, Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee said his body language clearly shows he is suffering from a fear of defeat. She reiterated that the BJP will not get a single seat in Bengal in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections.”The more Modi comes to Bengal for his campaigns, the better it is for the Trinamool Congress as it will then get more seats in the polls,” she said adding that the people are sick and tired of Modi and wants a change. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataBanerjee addressed two political meetings at Suri and Durgapur respectively on Thursday. Referring to an interview where Modi said that she sends kurtas to him, she said: “I send gifts to many important dignitaries. It is our courtesy. This has nothing to do with politics. I send kurtas produced by the weavers associated with Biswa Bangla stores to several people. I also send mangoes to many. He is so shameless that he has said this during an interview,” she said. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in state”Marketing a gesture of courtesy is not conducive to democracy,” Banerjee added and said she normally wrote letters on birthdays to everyone. “PM Modi has said I send him kurtas. Where is the problem? We send gifts to all during Durga Puja,” she maintained. Referring to a well-known story from the Panchatantra, she said: “A rat approached a hermit and complained that he felt threatened by a jackal. The hermit immediately transformed the rat into a jackal to save him from being killed. Subsequently, the hermit transformed the rat into other animals including a lion. Once he became a lion he tried to attack the hermit. The hermit immediately brought him back to a rat.” Drawing a parallel with Modi, she said: “He will be brought back to a ‘chaiwalla’ after the elections.” Terming Modi a “liar whose sole business is to misinform people” she said: “He is so shameless that during an election meeting held on Wednesday he had said that I do not allow Durga Puja to take place in Bengal. Lakhs of community Durga Pujas are held throughout the state. You should do your homework before making such comments,” he said. Banerjee further stated: “It has become Modi’s habit to come to Bengal and call me a goon. I have fought against the CPI(M)’s goons and I am not scared of Modi,” she said. “We have not forgotten the communal riots in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh and the killings at Godhra. It is really amazing that a man whose hands are blood-soaked, he is now calling me a goon.” The TMC supremo maintained that BJP leaders are coming to Bengal as they have realised that “they will lose in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and in the South Indian states. They will get zero seats in Bengal.” Banerjee maintained that despite deploying crores of Central Forces, “BJP cannot win the election as people are with the Trinamool Congress.” She said in 10 seats in which the Lok Sabha elections have been held in North Bengal, the Trinamool Congress will win all of them. “This time, we will get 42 out of 42. BJP leaders are like migratory birds. They come only before the elections and vanish like camphor after the polls are over.” She urged people to cast their votes in favour of party nominees — Asit Mal and Shatabdi Roy in Bolpur and Birbhum seats and Mumtaz Sanghamita in Burdwan-Durgapur seat.last_img read more

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Photography makes this auditor feel alive

first_imgAshwini Attri, an auditor by profession belonging to the 1981 batch of Indian Audit and Accounts Service, is currently working as Deputy CAG in the office of C&AG. A photographer by passion, Ashwini found interest in this hobby during his college days. Since then, he has been trying his hand at capturing nature, monuments, portraits, flora and fauna, candid moments and anything which catches his attention. Here are few excerpts from an interaction with him: Also Read – Add new books to your shelf Tell us about your journey so far and what inspired you to enter into the world of photography? I got inspired about photography from my father who used to do occasion photography. His work was always cherished by everyone. From my father, the ‘art’ was adopted by my elder brother followed by me. The instance is of the year 1975 when during the summer vacations, I had joined a two-month diploma course in photography. During the course, we were taught about the nitty-gritty of photography, which included film development, colouring of black and white photos and several other features of photography. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveMy father also supported me and arranged a professional photographer, who further trained and honed my skills. Thereafter, I also started participating in photo competitions organised by several clubs and most of the time won awards for best photos. This further gave me a boost. Could you just explain as of why you started pursuing photography? It’s well said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I love being able to express myself to tell a story through my photographs. It has taught me to pay attention to the minutest details as well as the grand landscapes, and to observe and appreciate what is happening around me. It drives me to capture memories, freeze moments and my vision at that time. It reminds me of being in that moment. In a nutshell, pursuing photography is my humble effort to capture and share various moods of creations of God and mankind Do you keep in mind any particular theme prior to shooting any sequel? No, it’s not thematic; rather I would say it’s situational. Most of my works are related to light and shades as I get attracted towards it. Where ever I go, I try to shoot scenes, shadows of light, living things, seashore, lighting works in buildings, and more. I had shot reflections of candles in the night, artificially lit building etc. Any moment that you missed and still want to remember? The incident is of Bharat Darshan, a trip organised for the trainee officers, in the year 1982. Since I was the only photographer in our group of officers, I clicked memorable pictures and sent the film for development to America through my instructor as developing colour photos in India was really very costly. The sad part is that those photos never came back to me as the briefcase of the person who was bringing those prints got stolen at the airport. Given that lots of money is being spent on cleaning of Yamuna and Ganga, if you have to convey a message to people through your photographs then how would you do it? I would like to click photos of floating bodies in both the rivers. The other part of it is Ganga Aarti at Haridwar, Varanasi to make a religious connect so that people may stop putting waste in the river or on the banks of the holy rivers.last_img read more

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Alfred the Great – Legendary King who Saved England from Total Viking

first_imgIn the long history of the English monarchy, there have been sixty-six kings and queens that have ruled the island nation and empire. Beginning with the fall of the Roman Empire and the dissolution of Roman rule in Britain, only one of those monarchs has been given the appellation “the Great”.This was Alfred, King of the West Saxons, and eventual king of much of England. When people think of kings, especially those of antiquity, the first image that pops into their minds is usually one of a robust, ultra-masculine figure ready to draw his sword at a moments’ notice or slight.18th century portrait of Alfred by Samuel WoodfordeFor sure, England has seen its share of those kings – three examples come readily to mind: William of Normandy, dubbed, “the Conqueror”, Richard I, called “Lionheart”, and Henry VIII, whose very name stood for his womanizing, jousting and harsh yet in many ways enlightened rule.All of these men cut a big, bold figure, but none of them is known to history as “The Great” – that belongs to Alfred. Though one could argue that Cnut I of Scandinavia, who ruled a unified English, Danish and Norwegian kingdom from 1017-1035 had also been called “the Great”, Alfred was the only native-born English king given the name.He was born at a time when Englishmen were divided, not only among themselves but by the fierce Viking warrior bands that came from Scandinavia to raid and conquer. At the time of Alfred’s birth in 849, England was far from a united kingdom. Alfred’s father Æthelwulf sat on the throne of Wessex in the south, Beorhtwulf sat on the throne of Mercia in the northwest, and a series of three kings sat on the throne of East Anglia during Alfred’s early years, until taken by the Vikings.Alfred’s father Æthelwulf in the early fourteenth-century Genealogical Roll of the Kings of EnglandRecently, a variety of TV dramas have given us a somewhat flawed vision of Alfred’s rise to power. The fact of the matter is much more straight-forward than the political maneuvering seen on TV. Reality also dismisses the idea that Alfred was the child of anyone but his acknowledged father, Æthelwulf, son of Ecbert, also depicted on TV.When Æthelwulf died, the two eldest of his five sons became kings: Æthelstan became king of Kent, and Æthelbald, the king of Wessex. Upon the death Æthelbald, his crown fell to another brother, Æthelberht. When this brother in turn died shortly thereafter, the next youngest, Æthelred became king.A map of the route taken by the Viking Great Heathen Army which arrived in England from Denmark, Norway, and southern Sweden in 865. Photo by Hel-hama CC BY-SA 3.0It was then the young Alfred, who at the time was only sixteen, was named “Secundus” by the most powerful bishop of England. This was to designate Alfred, the last of the line, as king upon Æthelred’s death, despite Æthelred having sons. In 871, die he did, and Alfred, age 22, became “King of the West Saxons”.Other than the fact of his royal birth, nothing about Alfred said “king”. He was sickly, afflicted with a gastrointestinal disorder that forced him to limit his diet to milk, water, vegetables, and porridge.Today, many medical historians believe that Alfred was a victim of Crohn’s Disease. By all accounts, Alfred would from time to time rebel against this diet, eat meat and ale – then suffer crushing abdominal pain for days. Despite this, however, he continued in his duties, and most of his contemporaries knew they were witnessing something special – Alfred was a man of iron will.A coin of Alfred, king of Wessex, London, 880 (based upon a Roman model).Alfred was also exceedingly smart and learned. While his four older brothers were burdened with ruling, Alfred was able to study. As a child, he and one of his older brothers had been sent to the court of Pope Leo IV and exposed to the world, and to Latin.Upon his return to England, Alfred learned to speak other languages and read widely of science, religion and the Classics. During his reign, Alfred was a tireless advocate of expanding education in his kingdom, sometimes irritating the Church with his demands that education be conducted in the national language rather than Latin.Though Alfred was an advocate for education and other changes to both English government and society during his life, his reign (especially his early reign) was focused on one problem – the Vikings.Alfred the Great silver offering penny, 871–899The Viking raids had begun with the sacking of Lindisfarne in 793, seventy-eight years prior, but for many years they were few and far between and while extremely bothersome and costly, did not present a deadly threat to the kingdoms of England.During Æthelwulf’s time, the raids had become larger and more permanent, and though the English did inflict serious defeats on the Vikings from time to time, by the time of Alfred’s reign, the Norsemen were well established in the north and east of the country, and were the most important issue facing the young king.Depiction of Æthelwulf in the late-13th-century Genealogical Chronicle of the English KingsShortly after taking the throne, Alfred went to battle with the foreign invaders. The first two battles fought during Alfred’s reign were defeats: one while he was attending his brother’s funeral, and another in his presence.He was forced to bribe the Vikings with a sizable payoff, and though a relative peace existed for the next few years, everybody knew that it was only a matter of time before war would begin again, for this payoff did not mean that the Vikings left England, just that they would not attack Alfred.In 876, a new Viking chieftain, Guthrum, attacked Alfred’s kingdom. After a couple of inconclusive battles, the Vikings took payment and swore to not attack again – an oath which they broke. This period is marked both by victory and defeat for Alfred.A plaque in the City of London noting the restoration of the Roman walled city by Alfred.On the one hand, he defeated the Viking fleet when they attacked Devon, but was surprised by the Vikings at Chippenham, a royal seat, and was forced to flee into the local marshes to avoid capture.It is in these marshes that Alfred’s legend really begins. A famous tale (perhaps true, perhaps not) tells of Alfred sitting by the fire in a peasant woman’s hut, tasked with making sure the bread on the fire didn’t burn.King Alfred the Great pictured in a stained glass window in the West Window of the South Transept of Bristol Cathedral. Photo by Charles Eamer Kempe.CC BY 3.0Thinking too much of his problems, the cakes burnt and Alfred was roundly chastised by the woman whose house he was forced to shelter in. This tale was told to show not only how far Alfred had fallen, but also his humility.While in the marshes, Alfred and his men conducted raids against local Viking forces and kept the idea of a Saxon kingdom alive – the other Saxon kingdoms of Northumberland and East Anglia were now in pagan hands.However, while the Vikings were looking for him and while they were busy plundering and ruling the other parts of England, Alfred was both solidifying his rule (such as it was) and raising an army.King Alfred’s Tower (1772) on the supposed site of Egbert’s Stone, the mustering place before the Battle of Edington. Photo by Trevor Rickard CC BY-SA 2.0According to contemporary sources, Alfred’s personality and willpower were so strong that he commanded a fierce loyalty, and while he was hiding in the marshes, he sent his nobles into the land to raise an army, both in the areas under nominal Viking control and those still ostensibly Saxon.At the battle of Edington (or “Ethandun” in Old English) in 878, Alfred inflicted a serious defeat on Guthrum and his Vikings. As a result, Guthrum and many of his leading men agreed to convert to Christianity, and rule in East Anglia in Alfred’s name.The Memorial to the Battle of Edington is a sarsen stone standing in a corner of the public recreation area adjacent to Bratton Castle Photo by Trish Steel CC BY-SA 2.0Though the Vikings in East Anglia would from time to time break their oath and raid nearby communities in Wessex, it appears that this was done without the permission of Guthrum, who seems to have been at least mostly loyal to his oath until his death in about 890.The treaty between Alfred and Guthrum also included the stipulation that Mercia (formerly one of the most powerful English kingdoms) be divided between Alfred and the Vikings. In this, Alfred was the winner – the Vikings had controlled all of Mercia before the treaty.Statue of Alfred the Great at Wantage, Oxfordshire Photo by Steve Daniels CC BY-SA 2.0Despite these achievements, Alfred still had the Vikings of northern England (and their Scandinavian reinforcements) to deal with. To help contend with these forces, Alfred began to fortify the lands under his control. He constructed strong-points known as “burhs” – these strong-points were sometimes already cities or small settlements and grew under Alfred’s protection.Fortunately for Alfred, England was one of the most blessed of kingdom’s in terms of resources and trade, and this enabled him to build burhs and a network of roads connecting them throughout his kingdom. Think of it as a kind of “pony express” for defense and communication – and Alfred’s system of defense stymied further Viking inroads into his lands. This defense system also improved trade and paid for itself many times over.Map of Britain in 886Many historians credit Alfred with being the “Father of the English Navy”. This is misleading. His grandfather had constructed a small fleet of warships and had used them at times, but Alfred built ships based on the Roman and Greek models, which were actually larger than most Viking ships.Though he did construct about sixty of these ships over the course of his reign, they were unfortunately too big for the river systems of England, where the Vikings long-ships were dominant. However, they did allow Alfred to move troops from one part of the country to the other more rapidly than before.While dealing with all of these problems and issues, Alfred also decided that the Anglo-Saxon law system needed reform. For the most part, this meant the codification, or writing down, of the laws that existed in the various Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. Alfred also included laws based on the Ten Commandments and the New Testament as part of the official law of the land.Read another story from us: The True Story of Robert the Bruce – Scotland’s Legendary KingBy the time of his death in the fall of 899, Alfred was the recognized ruler of all of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms not under the control of the Vikings (this meant Northumberland surrounding York). He is venerated in the Catholic Church as a “Defender of the Faith”, and is universally recognized as the man who prevented England from being conquered by the Vikings.His son Edward the Elder took the throne after a brief family struggle and ruled until 924.last_img read more

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Colin The Jets will build a winner with Sam Darnold thanks to

first_imgThe Browns opted to pick Baker Mayfield with the first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft and handed the Jets the gift of Sam Darnold in the process. Colin thinks New York got the best quarterback in the draft in Darnold thanks to Cleveland’s incompetence.He believes Darnold’s understated, unassuming personality is perfect to handle the barrage of the New York media over the long term. His ability to speak to the media without ever really saying anything while still being relatable is reminiscent of Derek Jeter and Eli Manning, who both managed the spotlight over long careers.Colin sees the Darnold pick along the lines of Steph Curry being passed over twice by Minnesota, or Portland picking Sam Bowie over MJ. After Tom Brady retires, Darnold will be the best quarterback in the AFC East and everyone will look back at this draft and wonder what the hell Cleveland was thinking.“Great teams and dynasties generally start with somebody else’s mistake.”“Great teams and dynasties generally start with somebody else’s mistake.” @ColinCowherd on why the Browns mistake was the Jets gain— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) April 27, 2018last_img read more

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LaVar Ball blames Lakers trainer for Lonzos injury plagued rookie year

first_img Advertisement LaVar Ball has been uncharacteristically quiet over the last several months, but he’s back from Lithuania and has a new controversial take that Lakers’ trainer Gunnar Peterson is to blame for Lonzo’s injury plaued rookie year where he missed 30 games.LaVar told Alex Kennedy from Hoops Hype that Lonzo was never seriously injured before he got to the Lakers, a fact he blames on Peterson:“If you’re going to be doing those [workouts with] rubber-bands like that dude Gunnar has him doing, that [is] bulls–t training. That’s what I call it.“S–t, he wasn’t like that when I brought him over there. When he first came [to the Lakers], he never got hurt. He was never hurt.”  He continued:“Now, you’ve got these guys talking about, ‘Well, I’ve got this special workout for Lonzo…’ No! Lonzo’s gotta lift that pig iron, that real iron, and he’s gotta run some hills. That’s stuff they don’t have him doing.”As the Lakers head into the offseason, word has leaked that no player on the roster is off limits in potential trades to secure big time veterans. It will be interesting if Magic and Rob Pelinka will continue to deal with LaVar’s circus, or if pull the plug on the experiment and ship Lonzo out of town.Here are some of Peterson’s non-LaVar approved training techniques in action.last_img read more

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Facebook Now Allowing Embedded Posts Just Like Twitter

first_img 2 min read This story originally appeared on CNBC August 1, 2013 Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals On Wednesday, Facebook began rolling out embedded posts, a tool allowing users to add their public Facebook posts to other blogs and websites.The move to embedded posts is clearly designed to shift toward the kind of public conversation that has made Twitter so popular, and to make Facebook more relevant and powerful.In a developer blog post, the company said that with the plug-in, posts will “display just like they do on Facebook, with the ability to show pictures, videos, hashtags and other content.Related: How You Can Create the ‘Perfect’ Social Media Post (Infographic)Users can interact with embedded posts by “liking or sharing the post directly from your Web page, liking the page or following other posts from the author … visiting the post’s comments, photos, hashtags and other content on Facebook.”The social network is launching with Bleacher Report, CNN, Huffington Post, Mashable and People, but soon public news feed and Timeline posts will include an “Embed” option to copy a post into any site. Facebook wants to tap into public conversation and keep it going, looping it back to Facebook.To read Facebook’s developer blog, click hereBut Twitter already offers the ability to embed tweets into websites, news articles and blogs. And unlike Facebook–which is oriented toward private conversations and emphasizes real-world connections–Twitter is designed to be about large-audience conversations with people you don’t necessarily know–what CEO Dick Costolo called the “public town square.”That doesn’t mean Facebook’s embedded posts won’t work, as they probably will be embraced as a way to generate more content for site publishers to sell ads against. And the more publishers tap into those embedded posts, the more people will participate in that public Facebook conversation and return to the social network.But one thing’s for sure: This new option makes it even more important that Facebook users pay attention to those privacy controls.Related: Twitter and Facebook Up Their Social TV Game Register Now »last_img read more