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The seven principles of standard site should meet the love love Shanghai

website construction is the first step to do the work of Shanghai dragon. The main work of Shanghai dragon is actually two aspects, one is the station optimization, one is standing outside the promotion. Do these two points, can truly realize the high degree of user experience, search engine friendly target, then I believe your site can also obtain a very good stable rank. Today, with about in the station optimization we should do.

; standard;

3, the web page code: the content on the page is to the user, so it is called the user experience. Love is to see the Shanghai Spider code, so there is the concept of "friendly" to the search engine, the search engine friendly, is our web page code to comply with the three principles of clear and concise and orderly. Users see "beautiful love the same site, spider crawling love simple and orderly code, so the closure principle of typesetting, HTML5 tags as long as do station code, I believe you will love the web spider. read more

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The station optimization can not be ignored under an optimized outlet

According to the

first, the content will be ranked according to their importance. We know that the optimal link in content, more is to the original and high quality, but for the order of importance was given often ignored, or think it is not important. To know the current content optimization itself is not easy, the key is to a large number of high quality original content, for the enterprise website is actually more difficult. So many people don’t pay attention to the content of optimizing the order of importance. But in fact if it is sorted, can effectively enhance the user experience, to help users quickly locate the needs of the content, but also to let the love of spiders in Shanghai quickly find the original content of the latest. So the importance in the station optimization is very important. read more

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Discussion on how to optimize the site navigation

site navigation

site navigation is not in fact a very determined function or method, but a term, I think that can browse the site product or service information to the user, and all forms in the process not to lose, in found that the problem can be found in time online help are part of the site navigation system.

Keywords >

, the text is very friendly to search engines, and open the speed is also fast, regardless of the user or search engine is advantageous, as for some of the other flash and JS try to avoid the use of. read more

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Even a few big taboo in Shanghai dragon do not know still dare to say he is Shanghai dragon er

Figure 1

from the PS synthesis of

not all websites with beautiful, according to your website, the types of products to choose, the main moment to highlight your website, not very beautiful, but must be unique.

social media can also enhance your search ranking. Whether it is.

5, don’t ignore the PC end of

7, not too fancy

4, don’t ignore the user

2, do not take the black hat

most of the time we are in Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon optimization optimization, it is extremely irresponsible, the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng operation Shanghai Longfeng correct method, optimized scientific, can really play the role of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. In fact, Shanghai dragon also has some taboos, we look together: read more

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How to collect and select keywords Shanghai Longfeng Xinshoubikan

3, use

want to for a long-term investment effort to optimize the site selection of key words should be strict. The general mode of "comprehensive, focused on fish": first through different channels and method of collection. Collect as much as possible to cover the user’s search habits, to avoid missing; then according to the correlation degree, the degree of competition and popularity to be screened. Below to share operation method.

1, correlation: how big the relevant words and our website and our business read more

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Liu Shanghai dragon website optimization need humility

for web site optimization of the control time, different website optimization on time is different, some time, some time, this.

For example,

sales staff, if no sales, but did not Commission, and they don’t have to worry about optimization compared to the new changes will appear on the market today, the optimization is not, should always pay attention to the change of the search engine, but also pay attention to the industry changes, such as the black chain, such as the station group, for example planting trojan…… In the optimization of the industry, experience is not enough, more important is the determination and execution; for example, all day to work overtime, is very tired, but the optimization compared to their tired or see, in order to optimize the optimization of the site as an example, for the low weight website, released the chain after using domain to find out how much, but the article is often site out 7-15 days or longer, website optimization achievement often has the effect of delay, which we see today website optimization ranking is often more than 3 days or more. read more

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A5 marketing how to make a user and search engine love website

external connection anchor text, link the content of the page, these are the relationship of the target web site content, and the correlation is the most easy to control the optimization of personnel, but also the most prone to cheating, suggest to read this article when carefully to see whether their the site problem in this part of the website according to the above, the author knows there are problems and so on.

love Shanghai given the quality of the website system, with ability by optimizing personnel is difficult to make the four quality system, so A5 marketing that either now or in the future, as a webmaster you want website by the user and search engine ranking in Shanghai and love love home even before three, first of all to the site’s relevance, authoritative and practical to do it, and the three is the premise of love Shanghai quality system, quality system must want to do to this three kind of good. Then, from the current situation can be seen, many of the traditional enterprise website, tourism, real estate, education, talent, B2B, B2C and other sites are lack of the above problems, so the site is down right, no optimization effect. Therefore, A5 suggested that the marketing relevance, authoritative and practical to do, and then let the user and search engines love your website below and the webmaster exchange. read more

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Depth analysis of three key points of quality white paper love Shanghai

love Shanghai search engines consider web content quality dimension is very much, the most important is: cost; content integrity; information true and effective and safe. According to the white paper mentioned in the following three points this detailed analysis.

second, meaning the two key factors of the quality of the content of content complete. We continue to look at the concept of love, Shanghai search engine that good quality ", spent more time and energy devoted editor, the editor’s experience and professional knowledge; the content is clear and complete and rich resources; effective and quality; the letter. read more

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Good planning who let oneself no longer is Shanghai dragon wanderer

own Shanghai Dragon 3 years, around more and more friends to join the team, as part of the website promotion is essential, Shanghai dragon industry attracts more and more attention. Look at the side of a friend on a Shanghai dragon began to make a living, could not help feeling the Internet is indeed a common dream. Of course, most of what things have to have a plan, no plan to do Shanghai dragon, both for the customer, or for themselves are not responsible attitude, a friend is like a side, a few days ago to give up a part-time job as a Shanghai dragon, the reason is very simple, just because you can not find the direction in this industry, always I feel very passive. In fact, everyone must do things that will make you plan to start things planned, regularly, so I should have the Shanghai Longfeng occupation planning? ADO, directly into the topic. read more

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A5 marketing the analysis of Log log can view the site conditions and Solutions

first check whether the article was published, the search engine grab, if the basic page doesn’t crawl, how about it? If you find articles not included, the first step can use webmaster tools, simulation spiders crawl, check whether the content can be simulated successfully grab, recommended: the home station, more the second step, if accurate! Check the analog success, showing the page information, then optimization problems; if the simulation is not successful, then find the problem from the program, before A5 marketing has faced such customers, the website can be opened normally, but the use of spider simulation, but does not show any as a result, information, and how will the spider climb? read more

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5 website optimization based website understanding

, what type of website? What can I do for the user? Is the first one to think, choose a web site optimization is the focus of the industry, for example, do you want to know the group purchase group purchase net, net number of sites, in Chinese do do local site navigation, and how much is it? If you do portal website, our own advantages, how to compete with large online portals? When you choose a good industry, your site will have a prototype. In the industry website, what services are provided with this kind of service is not available on the site, there are several websites? These are the necessary work site before optimization, so as to understand the opponent site, also can give your site an accurate positioning, in the promotion, there is a right seat. read more

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As head of the useless chain are you doing

third: nofollow

outside chain label

believes that many webmaster with the author know that JS code is not favored by a search engine, but there are many webmaster do not understand why such a link is not good, in fact, for such links, we do not let go of the click, it will not show our web site, but will appear in the lower left corner of the page javascript:void (0) such a character, and then we can view the source code analysis can be found in a JS code with our web site, for this chain, in fact, is simply not an anchor text link, just improve the exposure rate of our site, as did a little bit of weight to our website. So for the chain of this type, we can not say no, but try to reduce. read more

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Google launched a free web site diagnosis activities

How to submit sites to Google

text link address 贵族宝贝webziv贵族宝贝/hearsay/1346.html, reproduced indicate the source, thank you


these three steps are completed, send mail to: scsubmit@ noble baby贵族宝贝 to submit your website! Please note, if the site does not meet the above three requirements, Google will be regarded as invalid submission deadline is December 16th.

free website

Chinese webmaster blog published official reports, we are pleased to announce that we will hold an online website diagnosis activities, noble baby free to help you diagnose the website, Google will be submitted by the analysis of some specific user’s website, and gives some suggestions to improve our website, the diagnostic tour is for non-profit charity website. read more

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Chen Qiangfeng a few points need to pay attention to the optimization of enterprise website TTLE ti

Title? In "head < head> several elements label, < title> is a priority among priorities. The search engine based on keyword search results, displayed in the title page, the search results page is the description of < < meta; name=" description" > "content=" in the content. Therefore "head in the search engine algorithm occupies an important position, is to determine the page weight, correlation between important starting point.

So how to set the Title Some sites may need read more

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A how to improve the relationship between Shanghai dragon and spider

2. spider spider Xixinyanjiu, previous income spiders would not go to income, so we need to write some high quality original articles. The spider crawling the page information, before the information is no longer a spider income to collect information, the spider will think the existing information is not necessary for income.

we have done for Shanghai dragon website optimization friends, and we are the spider is also inseparable, how to let the spider crawling our website frequently to take away our income information website web page. Some novice webmaster might ask how often come to our website to know whether the spider crawling, we can view the log log to see if frequently crawling our website, if not we must think about how to let the spider love on our website frequently to crawl information receiver. Not every spider we humans are so personal, because the spider is made like spiders have their rules as long as we grasp these rules we can attract spider spider to love on our website, the following will share with you our love let the spider web method: read more

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Compared with the main effect of the long tail keywords keywords

after a year of hard work, our Lord keywords has finally come home third, perhaps for them it is not what the boss, to achieve the purpose of reach customers, but no obvious bursting…… For the needs of the enterprise, eventually came to customers is the most effective

, the main keywords:

I use an example to explain the advantages of Zhengzhou Kai is outsourcing marketing website. Our main tentative words of "network marketing outsourcing", I assume that our main customers at this stage in Zhengzhou, so I have the long tail word as "trusted network marketing outsourcing" "which Zhengzhou family network marketing outsourcing well done" through the picture, "network marketing outsourcing" is the keyword index. But the two is not included in the amount of long tail index, a difference of nearly about 8000000, there are six auction website. Just look at keyword analysis tool to the data is not accurate, but at least a little difficult to optimize the main keywords: far beyond long tail keywords. read more

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Education APP developers note education market iPad is replacing the traditional PCWangzhuan Post Ba

changes in PC and MAC machine sales in the US education market

IPad sales were strong in the second quarter of this year in

in Wolf’s view, iPad in the education market, eating PC sales is only a beginning. He believes that in the near future, iPad will also erode PC’s sales in other larger markets. "We believe that the education market is only a warning that the next market for PC’s iPad sales will be the larger US home market," he said."

, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like the 2010 illegal financing of this project, Post Bar Wangzhuan remind you make friends carefully in financing, do Wangzhuan or to choose a veteran of the domestic Wangzhuan do, for the new project must make clear Wangzhuan operation of each type, whether on each other’s capital chain will be broken, see each other the relevant documents are complete before the join operation. read more

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Discussion on the impact of e commerce on MarketingDon’t want to start a business failure Then don’t

– Jonathan, Wegener, Timehop, and ExitStrategy founder

some startups would think it would be expensive to hire someone with an accountant, finance, or other expertise, but don’t be afraid to invest in administrative resources early in the company.

decided to release

how to avoid making mistakes to failure? Mashable author Lauren Drell collected from the venture company founder, CEO and the views of investors, sorting out the 16 emerging startups are the most common mistakes. Entrepreneurs should always check whether they have made these mistakes. Learning from previous mistakes is the key to avoiding failure. Take a look at these 16 points: read more

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During the Spring Festival holiday notice on PR alliance People should be people oriented in order t

more League information goes on:

Tel: 86-10-51692624

this kind of website, after the establishment of a large number of publicity and then sell the so-called project, in fact, these projects are already obsolete, their purpose is to sell the item to you, so they achieve the purpose of don’t bird you, mail back, estimated too early into the they list. The psychological quality is very strong, and happy. But they are indeed some hundred-percent Wangzhuan master. Only the high is overdone. read more

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Station single page website will gradually replace the multi page websiteLi Kaifu fewer opportunitie

1, single page website is simple and easy to build. Take a look at the above website, we can easily find that this station is too simple, is a description of L-carnitine weight loss products of a product list, a few pictures, anyone can see.

talking about the Internet TV field, Li Kaifu believes that Apple’s Apple TV will rewrite the field of television, but also to the domestic box company to do some breathing opportunities. "Because the domestic manufacturers will find themselves in the localization of these aspects of doing better than apple, including prices will also have advantages." read more