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The stationmaster wants to discover new riches

, let’s see the news.

days ago, from Shenyang by artificial cultivation of sturgeon was designated as the "gift fish", several large supermarket sales in Changchun city. Strange is, as long as the plastic bottle filled with oxygen, and adding a small amount of water, seal after the sturgeon sturgeon can be put in, the more than other fish out of water after 12 hours to 48 hours, the fish passed to relatives and friends as a gift, carrying the "abundance" blessing. "Gift fish" is very expensive, although each fish is only 2 kilograms to 3 kilograms, but the price is 288 yuan. read more

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New generation of webmaster technology is very important


started college before exposure to the computer, and more than a lot of children in the city, I feel a lot of late start, and later with more experience of their own, the more your site found the original starting point more than others a lot of late.

didn’t just start my own computer, empty room to run, toss an afternoon spent a lot of Internet access fees, the harvest is not much, after a toss, a semester to understand HTML, learn to use FTP to upload content to the free space, then there is a 3326’s website free space. read more

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Stationmaster newspaper course stationmaster soft Wen writes

I mainly talk about myself and other people’s experience. Maybe the beginner has improved, and the veteran will disdain to see it. In fact, I’m satisfied with something.

I’m talking about 3 parts.

1. what is soft Wen, what’s the function?.

soft Wen: and hard relative, that is advertising another model. Advertising is hard publicity. Soft text has the role of embellish things silently, so many companies and websites use soft writing, and even speculation.

Several characteristics of soft read more

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To be a SEO you must be proficient in data analysis

with the traditional network of sales, SEO has also been more attention. After eight years, SEO technology is becoming more and more skillful, today’s SEO is no longer have the chain can get good rankings, do not do the black cap can easily obtain huge profits, now SEO, need more mature technology, data analysis.

Why do

and SEO need to analyze data


SEO is following the search engine common progress, search engine mature, let SEO also more regularization. Baidu constantly weakened the proportion of the chain. Pay more attention to the impact of the user experience on the rankings, and now if you still think the continuous hair chain can get a good ranking, it shows that you have been eliminated. read more

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This search box does not even have its own website may be Baidu’s final bet on the electricity supp

Baidu hopes to use O2O, travel and electricity providers, including all kinds of services to get rid of their advertisers image, but may also be more homeopathy, the more losses,

has not done mass publicity, nor subsidies red envelopes, Baidu’s (at least) third electricity supplier website "Baidu MALL" is so quietly formally launched.

Baidu MALL home page

in addition to choosing the main colors of the purple, the current page design and layout looks like another Jingdong. Like other B2C business website, the brand Logo is placed in a more prominent position; known as the "Daily" column is the actual type group purchase at checkout seckill; will recommend users to use Baidu wallet, Alipay is one of the more popular option. read more

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Zhong Zhixin zblog user experience ctrl Enter quick reply

has been building my own independent blog for a month, and I’m using zblog, and I’m sure everyone is not new. Now the site is very particular about the user experience, the reason is very simple, it is only the user feel comfortable, will stay on your website, probably next time will come to your website; if users feel uncomfortable, let alone again, not even stay stay, straight up, so that no the significance of the.

below, I simply share my blog (currently in Google search engine: Zhong Zhixin, today is the first, and later difficult to say) in the user experience on a few simple settings: read more

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Brief but not simple Landing Page Design


landing page is an online marketing concept that refers to the first page or landing page when a visitor clicks on a search engine’s search results. This is an important page that is somewhat similar to the advertising of the products or services offered, providing accurate information about the product and telling the customer about the product or service to be purchased.


landing page is very important in helping your website convert visitors into sales. Therefore, the product message must be clear and the design must be attractive and easy to understand. The landing page design should help attract visitors to buy products or services offered by the site. If it has a higher conversion rate from potential visitors to sales, landing pages are designed to be excellent. A great site landing page is designed to allow visitors to take action and spend money on the site. read more

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Don’t give up don’t give up

some time ago, "soldiers raided" very fire, and in the friend’s persuasion, I spent 3 days reading,


review: so big see many TV series, the first time such a move, and even the seven steel "do not abandon, do not give up the spirit deeply into my mind,

the reason why I think it’s about doing the station is that although fighting and doing stand are 2 concepts, I think I know each other in a sense……


says I’m a computer major, I graduated 05 years ago, but I’m really ashamed to start dating or work in 07 years. I’ve wasted a lot of time on online games and drinking, read more

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Discount network Legend of folding online in China

Miaochuang network ( a new starting point of imitation 20 thousand and 50 management "famous Wang Jifei: the Utopia group purchase game style, please advice. Why don’t you catch up with


shopping when businesses are discounting?" a smart man said to an honest man. In recent years, discounts have become a conventional marketing tool. Shopping is not only a bargain for consumers, but also a way of entertainment. Because of this, businesses discount activities, consumers shopping at discounts, never tired. read more

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Avoid station group operation minefield pay attention to operation details is the key

station group profits and risks are directly proportional to the cost of investment is high, once the failure will lose everything, so many owners in the operation station group, always cautious, very careful, but even so, also accidentally into the station group operations lead to failure of the minefield, but it still can not stop, personal webmaster to join station group of courage, because you want to go through a website and other websites competition, often spend a lot of time, but not necessarily have a good income, so why not take a risk, to seek their own operating stations on the road to success? read more

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Method of implementing network marketing in private hospitals

network marketing application in hospitals is more and more widely, especially in some private hospitals, it is a network marketing, so that these large state-owned hospitals and private hospitals can be on the same platform fair competition, even more than the large state-owned hospitals do better, this is the hospital network marketing charm, but also the hospital would take the reason a lot of manpower and material resources in network marketing.

private hospitals online marketing specific how to implement it? Network marketing step by step, the hospital will bring tangible results. read more

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How to exchange links with high weight sites

is a web site to get good rankings, the chain is very important, a new station in exchange for all owners are often built after the busy Links, we usually want to link change with those ranked higher than their own site, but this is not an easy thing, people included the amount of PR, the world ranking, there are requirements for my QQ station ( for the link is also around the wall, but after a successful effort to exchange several very good links, also accumulated some experience read more

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f we choose to go to Taobao together

find a good shop from Taobao, the time is too long, a good collection of store favorites, some bad, some do not see, Taobao developed too fast, so it was a guest, into the heart of a kind of to find a good shop, a little bit of good shop together, just as hard as ants.

in the Taobao store, see is poor is knocked out of the shop again won the praise, seckill shops crowded, foreign trade clothing store counter in the tens of thousands of clothes here with 1/10 of the price to buy, why not grab it. read more

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s it good to be a tour guide or a station master

I’m 23 years old, and I always feel like a little kid. No plans to save money, save a foster friend for a family, two years since graduating from college and find that you haven’t made a difference yet. Sometimes I feel like I have the spirit of a Q. "I just make progress slowly, but I never go back."." That’s always an excuse for self comfort,


I graduated from the University for 06 years, the university is the construction of highway bridge, family and friends and relatives all think I learned this promising, but I cannot bear the work constraint, love freedom, like in the company is eight tight and roads and various regulations I do not love, and I am the person interested in English and tourism, so after graduation I quit work, go to Guilin in Yangshuo as a tour guide, as the saying goes: "a rolling stone gathers no moss, not to get rich." Sometimes I feel right, after all gehangrugeshan. read more

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Do stand never think about what Baidu Google

do stand, never go to think of what Baidu GG

recently tired, the mood is not good, can’t write about in this program, ADMIN5, morning wrote an article, then write an article.

visited, found a lot of Baidu search, SEO tutorials and other articles, for which I can really be very vegetables. For a long time, I do not always understand these things. I just do a home station, focus has been on my hometown will help here to register, upload news, information, submission, not to consider from Baidu traffic to these sites, not because what the meaning of the flow. read more

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ndustry station several strokes operating practices

wrote something 2 days ago to encourage people to do trade stations. Now write something for everyone to do for the promotion of the industry station. In Luqiao China material equipment net for the column, this website is to improve the online trading platform for Luqiao equipment, so our expansion is nothing more than the professionals to provide keywords according to the seam, rubber bearing, geotextile, guardrail, excavator and so on, in the words of Baidu, the first page is full of promotion, we can’t do it. Well, let’s do it on my website. read more

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From the creative point of view on today’s Web site

once wrote in the blog "on the web site" and "from the background of today s Web site" from the domain name, now to write an article on the web site of the article, I hope you can help. The site can be creative will make the website features in the same site, and sometimes you can have your creative users favor, then you ahead of the pack. URL station is the same reason, as a user online home page, if it is a very annoying site, it is estimated that the station owners as home page, and even webmasters are reluctant to set the home page, how sad. The site of the station is more creative in the user experience, and this chapter will give you an analysis of the site where the creative ideas. read more

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Foundation of building a website talking about the purchase of domain name and space

09 years, the Internet is not a very quiet year. More and more people join the ranks of higher, more and more people to buy the domain name and space. New site, other estimates and not say, the first condition is domain name and space. IDC flooding today, to buy a moderate price, relatively stable IDC service providers are becoming more and more difficult. Today, a text is mainly to my personal experience to tell some novice webmaster how to choose the IDC service provider.

1. domain name

domain names are now divided into two price trends on the internet. One is the domain name service provider to nets as the representative of the price is very expensive; a price is very low, is the domain name service provider first 50%. The novice webmaster generally puzzled, is the choice that you have to accept the network, or to choose the small IDC that cheap domain name?? this site before must consider. Now the domain name agent process is like this. CNNIC—–> Wan net an agent ——> small IDC service providers. CNNIC is unable to register domain names directly. All domain names are registered from the first level agents. Our domain name registered in the small IDC service agent is from the domestic agents at the level of the agent out there. Management is also entirely referred to the primary management. So, in addition to worrying about the small IDC service running, other domain names are not used to worry. You can choose a better credit for the small IDC service provider to register domain names. All domain name management has a dedicated web site, domain name management password is completely independent. Some small IDC service provider will ask you to enter the domain name password management at the time of registration; others are completely generated by the system, and then display in the control panel; others are completely not to tell you, only in the management of time management from his website. Here to the novice webmaster a bit of advice: when registering a domain name to stay an eye, if you are not required to enter the name, address, and other details of the service providers do not register (according to the provisions of CNNIC, in addition to all of the domain name, the domain name registration after the other information can be modified). Even if you go to court, the domain name domain name all his company, the lawsuit is sure defeat you. Domain name is the most important thing of a website, but often novice webmaster has ignored his importance. If I have the domain name management, I earn tens of millions a year, it is really less. read more

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Lin Haoming a few important factors of unsuccessful website operation

today, according to their own summary of experience, for everyone to share the success of the site of several major reasons for the operation, I believe this reason for writing, the webmaster is also more interested. In the morning A5 submission Tuiyou network was born can let the webmaster spend less money wasted, this article in the morning until now ranked Baidu reprint volume of fourth pages, I hope today to write an article that will help more of you. The success of website operation is related to several aspects, such as positioning, technology, promotion, capital, fighting capacity, profit and so on. So we need to get rid of these first conditions before we run the website. read more

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Magic time net the road of SNS transformation

current guest: magic time net, CEO, Zhang Rui,

participates in the interview: QQ group 57322806

1, website background

Fang Qingbin:

welcome CEO, Mr. Zhang Rui, welcome to the interview.

Hello, Mr. Zhang, congratulations to Mosh, 100 rated a success, obtained by the State Council Development Research Center and International Banking Federation issued by institutions such as sponsored "Chinese International Private Equity Forum" of the "2008 China most investment value of top 30 enterprises" honor. Let’s give us a brief introduction to magic time nets. read more