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Calgary explorers map out cave believed to be deepest in Canada

first_imgFERNIE, B.C. – A member of a team of explorers has reached a record depth in a cave near Fernie, B.C., that is believed to be the deepest in Canada.The cave has so far been measured at 5.3 kilometres in length and 670 metres deep — more than 200 storeys below the ground.Project leader Jeremy Bruns puts that in perspective by pointing out that the CN Tower in Toronto is just over 550 metres tall.The Calgary-led group began exploring the Mount Bisaro plateau in 2012 and has done roughly 10 expeditions.Team leader Katie Graham recently made it down to the 670-metre mark, but had to scuba dive through a channel to do it.Bruns says it’s fascinating that there is a lot of the plateau left to explore and the cave could go down as far as one kilometre.During expeditions, explorers are taken to the plateau by helicopter as it would be too gruelling to hike all their equipment up. They have endured harsh conditions: camping underground, enduring temperatures just above freezing and relying on headlamps in the complete darkness.“To get to this milestone is really exciting,” said Graham. “We know there’s a lot more cave there. This isn’t the end of it.”She said the explorers have experienced “twists and turns and gone down huge shafts that we never sort of imagined.”Her dive into the depths was “exciting, but short and very cold. You kind of left just wanting to see more.“That’s just going to tease me until I can get back there again.”(CHBZ, The Canadian Press)last_img read more

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Pilotless planes on the horizon if public acceptance grows say experts

first_imgMONTREAL – Canadians may not be quite ready to fly on a pilotless aircraft but technological advances in self-driving vehicles are already opening the door to autonomous commercial flight, an increasingly attractive prospect for industry players facing a dearth of pilots.Aviation consultant Mike Doiron believes that pilotless flights will be viable in the next five to ten years, “but whether it’s acceptable to the general travelling public, that’ll be a whole different kettle of fish.”Montreal’s Bombardier Inc. is watching closely as rival Chicago-based Boeing Inc. and others in the industry invest in developing systems that could reduce the number of pilots from cockpits or remove them altogether, which could save the aerospace and airline industry US$35 billion annually, according to a recent UBS report.“Right now we feel that it’s a very effervescent area, mainly because of the renewed talk about urban air transport,” says Fassi Kafyeke, senior director strategic technology and innovation at Bombardier Aerospace, which is not currently working on any pilotless projects of its own.Around the world, pioneering startups are being gobbled up by big players. Boeing recently acquired Aurora Flight Sciences, a company that is developing autonomous flying vehicles.And Canadian researchers may soon dip their toes into the market at the Quebec-based Most21 supercluster, which is among nine finalists for federal financial support. The Mobility Systems and Technologies for the 21st Century proposal will focus on six areas of technology, including autonomy and on-demand mobility.In addition to saving on labour costs, pilotless planes could also reduce accidents caused by human error or fatigue at a time when pilot shortages are forcing smaller regional carriers to cancel flights.Canada will need to hire 7,300 pilots and flight inspectors between 2016 and 2025, according to an upcoming report from the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace.The heavy cost of flight training, low starting salaries and lifestyle is causing the career to lose its appeal among Canadian youth.“When I was a kid, being a pilot was a pretty exciting career. Today young people have so many options out there that when they look at starting pay, risk-reward, conditions of employment, they have so many options,” said CCAA executive director Robert Donald.But aviation analyst Doiron believes the many years that would be required to get autonomous systems approved and in operation means the technology won’t solve the growing pilot shortage problem any time soon.However, the biggest challenge is getting passengers to match the industry’s enthusiasm.The UBS report published last August suggested that public perception of autonomous aircraft has long way to go, with only 17 per cent of those surveyed saying they were open to taking a pilotless flight.Although auto pilot is now used for all but a few minutes on most flights, passengers still place their faith in the presence of trained pilots in the cockpit.“What makes a good pilot is judgment in critical situations, something an auto pilot can’t replace,” said flight training provider CAE Inc. spokeswoman Pascale Alpha, adding that pilotless commercial planes will take time to develop and gain public acceptance.Capt. Dan Adamus, president of the Air Line Pilots Association in Canada, said pilots have embraced technology but are irreplaceable to address problems that can arise with even the most advanced computer systems.“We’re nowhere even close to a point where we believe passengers are willing to trade safety for a cheaper aviation system,” he said.However, artificial intelligence-based avionics systems will eventually be capable of responding to all possible flight scenarios, said Tom Irvine of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.Public acceptance will also come as unmanned drones are increasingly used for law enforcement and monitoring of agriculture, natural resources and wild fires, Irvine added.“As long as the safety record holds up…people will start to understand that this technology works as advertised.”In addition to a lack of public acceptance, the transition to autonomous planes could be delayed by lengthy regulatory approvals and required changes to air traffic control.Transport Canada said discussions about this emerging technology are “in their early stages.”Millennials are less negative about the idea than older people but no group of Americans is positive about pilotless flights, said Stephen Rice, a professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University who has conducted research on autonomous commercial flights.“The airline industry is going to take a lot longer than the cars but I cannot see a future without it.”Follow @RossMarowits on Twitter.Companies in this story: (TSX:BBD.B, TSX:CAE, NYSE:BA)Note to readers: This is a corrected story. An earlier version incorrectly identified Tim Risen of AIAA. In fact, the person is Tom Irvinelast_img read more

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Police watchdog launches probe into Saskatchewan farm death RCMP investigation

first_imgOTTAWA – A police watchdog has launched a probe into the RCMP’s investigation into the shooting death of an Indigenous man on a Saskatchewan farm.The Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP says it is looking into how the RCMP handled the death of 22-year-old Colten Boushie.Boushie, a member of the Red Pheasant First Nation, died in 2016 when the SUV he was in drove on to a farm near Biggar, Sask.Last month, a jury acquitted 56-year-old Gerald Stanley.Boushie’s family had been calling for a review of the RCMP investigation.Boushie’s mother has said that when RCMP came to notify her about her son’s death, officers were insensitive, started searching her home without permission and asked her if she’d been drinking.An internal RCMP investigation, done by a senior Indigenous officer, absolved the police force.The commission will also review and investigate the RCMP’s dismissal of the Boushie family’s initial public complaint.“In the course of our review and our ongoing monitoring of events related to this tragic incident, it has become apparent that additional matters related to the conduct of RCMP members involved need to be examined,” the commission’s acting chairperson, Guy Bujold, said in a release Tuesday.“As such, I am satisfied that it is in the public interest to launch an independent investigation into this matter.”last_img read more

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A piece of closure Law students killed in WWI called to bar

first_imgCALGARY – John William Gow Logan had one course and some articling to complete before becoming a lawyer, but his death in the First World War left his dream unfinished.The son of Manitoba homesteaders enlisted as a private in the 50th Battalion in 1915 and within months was promoted to corporal. He was killed on the last day of the Battle of the Somme in France on Nov. 18, 1916 — a month shy of his 30th birthday.Logan is one of 37 aspiring lawyers to be posthumously admitted to the bar in a ceremony Friday at the Calgary Courts Centre ahead of the 100-year anniversary of the armistice ending the conflict.Logan’s great-niece Leslie Lavers, along with her daughter and some cousins, planned to be in the ceremonial courtroom for his bar call.“It’s a piece of closure,” she said. “It brings him back and it puts him to rest all at the same time.”Lavers never knew her “great-uncle Gow,” but she learned a lot about him from his eight siblings who lived into their 80s and 90s.“The shadow of his death lasted with them until their own deaths.”Letters Logan sent during the war were witty and cheerful, always seeking to ease the worries of his loved ones, she said. In one, he complains to his sister: “There are far too many lice and they are far too affectionate for my liking.”Keith Marlowe with the Legal Archives Society of Alberta said that every November the profession recognizes members who died serving. But when law students’ names are read, there has always been the caveat that they were “never called.”“But for the war, all of these students would have gone on to become lawyers and they would have given back to the Alberta legal community,” said Marlowe, a partner at Blakes, Cassels and Graydon.“We wanted to make sure they were treated in the same way, on the same footing, with the same recognition as the Alberta lawyers who also perished in the war.”The families of 13 students have been tracked down. Of those, relatives of six planned to attend, Marlowe said.The gallery in Calgary’s ceremonial courtroom seats 350, but Marlowe said he was expecting so many people that he was looking into an overflow room days before the ceremony.Court of Queen’s Bench Chief Justice Mary Moreau, associate chief Justice John Rooke and Justice Blair Nixon are to preside as the would-be lawyers are called in two groups of 12 and one group of 13.Relatives and current law students are to take oaths and sign certificates on their behalf.Organizers credit Patrick Shea, a partner at Gowlings in Toronto who was in the reserves, with making the ceremony possible.Shea has devoted much of his spare time to digging through historical records and amassing details on the 550 Canadian lawyers and law students killed during the First World War.“The sacrifice they gave is well worth the sacrifice and time that I gave,” he said.A posthumous bar call was held in 2014 for Ontario law students killed in the First World War and there was one for the Second World War dead last year. Newfoundland and Labrador has had a similar tribute, and Shea said he hopes law societies in other provinces follow suit.Shea said one law firm in Ontario had to close during the Great War because everyone there enlisted. He said so many Canadians in the profession signed up to fight overseas because it was seen as the right thing to do.“That’s what lawyers do. We defend causes.”last_img read more

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Canada Post Union to file constitutional challenge

first_imgOTTAWA – The union representing Canada Post employees is taking the Trudeau government to court over the legislation that ended rotating strikes by its members.The Canadian Union of Postal Workers said it will file a constitutional challenge Tuesday in Ontario Superior Court, arguing Bill C-89 violated the rights of workers to collective bargaining.The move comes one day after the government appointed a mediator to bring the labour dispute to an end.CUPW national president Mike Palecek said the government can’t legislate labour peace.The union’s lawyer said the back-to-work legislation was passed after Canada Post created a “false emergency” over a backlog of parcels at the Crown corporation’s sorting plants.Canada Post said Monday that, while letter mail is moving well, parcel deliveries are sporadic and delivery delays are expected through January as a result of the rotating walkouts thatended Nov. 27.last_img read more

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In the news today March 29

first_imgFour stories in the news for Friday, March 29———OTTAWA UNVEILS PLANS FOR 75TH D-DAY ANNIVERSARYA departure ceremony is being held today in Vancouver for trains carrying combat boots symbolizing those who travelled to Halifax during the Second World War before they embarked for Europe. The journey is part of the federal government’s plan to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. Veterans Affairs Minister Lawrence MacAulay will be among those in Vancouver today to outline the commemorative events that are planned. He is also scheduled to unveil the official poster for the anniversary at the city’s train station. Several community-based events will be held across the country and internationally to commemorate D-Day.———BAIL HEARING FOR TERROR SUSPECT RESUMESA courtroom in Kingston, Ont., will play host today to the second part of a two-day bail hearing for a youth facing terrorism charges. The youth, who cannot be identified under provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was charged in late January after a Canadian police investigation sparked by a tip from the FBI. It’s not yet known if the court will release a decision today on whether the youth will be granted bail. There is a strict publication ban on all evidence, submissions and reasons presented during the hearing. The youth is accused of knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity, and counselling another person to “deliver, place, discharge or detonate an explosive or other lethal device” in a public place.———PORT MOODY, B.C. MAYOR TAKES LEAVE TO FIGHT CHARGEThe mayor of Port Moody, B.C., says he is taking a leave of absence to clear his name after being charged with sexual assault. Robert Vagramov said Thursday that preparing a defence will require his full attention as he fights the charge in court, so he has decided to take a leave of absence starting today. Vagramov said he has co-operated with the authorities during their investigation, adding that he has passed a polygraph test and provided the results to them. The B.C. Prosecution Service said in a statement Thursday it appointed lawyer Michael Klein as a special prosecutor in relation to an investigation of a sexual assault alleged to have occurred in Coquitlam in 2015.———REGINA POLICE RELEASE RCMP REVIEW OF DEATH PROBEAn RCMP report says the investigation by the Regina Police Service into the death of an Indigenous woman who fell 10 storeys down a laundry chute did not meet professional standards. Nadine Machiskinic, 29, was found in medical distress in the laundry room of Regina’s Delta Hotel in 2015 and later died of her injuries. In November, Regina chief Evan Bray said the report would not be released to the public, which upset her family. On Thursday, Bray released the RCMP report, which makes 14 recommendations on how to improve how police deal with similar cases. The review says the investigation did not meet the standards of a professional sudden death investigation due to the lack of an effective case management system.———ALSO IN THE NEWS:— Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan attend a peacekeeping summit at the United Nations.— Nova Scotia Environment Minister Margaret Miller will release her decision on the environmental assessment of Northern Pulp’s proposed effluent treatment plant.— Statistics Canada releases its gross domestic product figures by industry for January and industrial product and raw materials price indexes for February.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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Dead end millions of calls to government go unanswered AG finds

first_imgOTTAWA — Half of the 16 million Canadians trying to reach one of three government agencies by telephone are unable to speak to an agent.That’s one of the key findings of a new report from interim auditor general Sylvain Ricard, released today in Ottawa.The auditor general examined call centres at three departments that get a lot of telephone calls: the Immigration Department, Employment and Social Development Canada and Veterans Affairs.The audit found millions of calls are sent to an automated system and callers are sometimes told to go to a website or to call back later.For those who did get into queues for agents, more than a million gave up on waiting and hung up.And the auditor says the situation is unlikely to improve any time soon — a government strategy to modernize client services adopted in 2017 did not include call centres, even though more than 25 per cent of Canadians use the telephone to contact the government.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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Union J Launches Poppy Picnics For Royal British Legion

first_imgBoy band Union J has launched “Poppy Picnics”, The Royal British Legion’s newest summer fundraising initiative by appearing in a spoof video alongside Royal Marines and Royal Navy Commandos.Video: Union J ‘go Commando’ to support Poppy PicnicsThe ‘Carry you’ singers appear in full-kit fast-roping from a military helicopter before hitting the ground and rushing into action. Having descended from the chopper, the Union J boys then race to their ‘target’ … as they join a party of unsuspecting Poppy picnickers.The tongue-in-cheek video is already proving a massive hit on YouTube and the band have added to their Forces supporter credentials by confirming that they will be performing at a special concert for troops later in the year.They won new fans by giving up a full day of their hectic touring schedule to complete the filming, which involved Britain’s oldest military helicopter, ZA298, nicknamed ‘King of the Junglies’ by personnel at RNAS Yeovilton, where the aircraft is based.The band also caused a stir at the base where they were filmed – RAF Northolt – by walking into military premises dressed in full combat gear, but still sporting their trademark designer hairstyles. “Are those regulation earrings?” one quizzical officer asked a colleague as the boy band ran past.While the video was fun there was a serious part for the band: for the Armed Forces and the Legion is a cause with special personal connections to the band – members George and Josh both have family serving in the military.The group’s youngest member, 19-year-old George Shelley said: “My brother is currently serving in the Royal Marines, so The Royal British Legion is a cause especially close to my heart. They’re there for the entire Armed Forces community, both serving and ex-Service.“We had a great day shooting the video and a really fun Poppy Picnic with some of the families stationed at RAF Northolt where part of the video was shot. It was incredible hearing some of their stories. The work they do is amazing!”Charles Byrne, Director Fundraising, The Royal British Legion, said: “Union J are fantastic supporters. Because of their family connections, the guys really get what the Legion does and value the work we do in supporting the wider Armed Forces community.“Hosting a Poppy Picnic is a fun and simple way to get together with friends and family and raise the much-needed £1.6 million per week needed for the Legion to deliver its vitally important welfare work.”For more information on hosting your own Poppy Picnic, visit British Legionlast_img read more

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Journey Frontman Sings For Typhoon Relief

first_imgPrudence Foundation, the regional charitable arm of Prudential Corporation Asia (Prudential), has launched a new episode of the popular financial literacy animation Cha-Ching and a new version of its “Charity” song to raise funds for the Typhoon Haiyan disaster relief and recovery effort.The foundation has joined hands with renowned Filipino singer and American rock band Journey frontman, Arnel Pineda, who lends his soaring rock vocals to this innovative fund-raising initiative.Video: Charity (featuring Arnel Pineda) Typhoon Yolanda/HaiyanThe new Charity song is featured in a three-minute music video with all new animation sequences featuring the relief efforts following the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. The music video aims to introduce children to real-life situations in which the money-smart value of donating may be practised. Pineda also appears in the new music video as an animated character.The co-creator of Cha-Ching, Prudential’s Regional Director Sean Rach, said the choice to collaborate with Pineda on this new Charity duet was a natural one. “We are Arnel and Journey fans. With his personal and the band’s commitments to help following Typhoon Haiyan, we shared the aspiration to give back to those in need. His voice is incredible and we are very honoured that he agreed to donate his time and talent.”Starting today, the Cha-Ching Charity music video featuring Pineda can be viewed on Cha- Ching’s interactive website and YouTube channel.The new Charity Song and the Cha-Ching Album featuring all songs from the 16 music videos are now available for purchase from iTunes Store. Proceeds of the song and album downloads will go to the Prudence Foundation’s Typhoon Haiyan recovery efforts.The new Charity song, a power ballad, is part of the original line-up of animated Cha-Ching music videos that aims to teach children aged seven to 12 four fundamental money smart values — Earn, Save, Spend and Donate. The Charity song highlights the choice to donate and share what we have, either in the form of money, time or basic goods, to those with less in life.Cartoon Network will start airing the new Cha-Ching Charity music video featuring Pineda on Saturday, 12 April 2014 across Asia. It will also air on Channel V for one month.Pineda shared, “I am honoured to partner with Prudence Foundation for this meaningful initiative. We all need to be reminded of our social obligation to share with those who have less than we do.” He added, “I am glad to play a part and hope everybody will download the song to support this worthy cause.”Pineda became the lead singer of Journey in 2007. He has his own charitable organisation, the Arnel Pineda Foundation Inc (APFI), and recently recorded the single “Listen With Your Heart” with other famed Filipino music artists as a tribute to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and a gesture of thanks for the aid extended by over 50 countries in the aftermath of the natural disaster. Together with Journey, he has also helped give over 2 Million Meals to the United Nations’ World Food Programme.Prudence Foundation Executive Director Marc Fancy highlighted, “What we are trying to achieve with the new Charity song and animated music video is a culmination of Prudence Foundation’s three main areas of focus – children, education and disaster preparedness and relief. ‘Charity’ is originally featured in the Cha-Ching series, meant to educate kids about the value of donating. What we do in our disaster preparedness and relief programmes is encapsulated in the song – we help people in need make a fresh start. This project hopes to broaden the awareness on pressing issues that we need to respond to and involves even the youngest members of our society in the movement to affect positive change in our communities.”After Typhoon Haiyan devastated Central Philippines in November 2013, Prudence Foundation mobilised resources and pledged US$2 million to support the immediate relief and long-term recovery effort in the affected areas.As part of this commitment, Prudence Foundation is funding the construction of 135 disaster-resilient homes for displaced families as well as 183 motorised fishing boats and 140 pedicabs to help restore normal livelihoods in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island in Cebu. In March 2014, in partnership with humanitarian organisation Habitat for Humanity, Prudence Foundation led a team of over 100 employee-volunteers from Prudential’s operations across 12 countries in Asia and the United Kingdom to build some of these houses, together with the local community.Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

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Graham Nash Concert Tickets Benefit Charity

first_imgLegendary singer-songwriter Graham Nash will perform a series of “An Evening With” concerts in Florida in January 2015.The tour dates kick off on January 12 at the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater, FL, and concludes January 18 at the 3A Songwriters Festival at Gulf Place Amphitheatre in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Advance tickets, including special benefit seats are available now at January, Shane Fontayne (guitar, vocals) will be accompanying Graham Nash on the road. “I’m really looking forward to an evening of music, stretching back 50 years, and coming round to today with all it’s blessings and problems,” says Nash, “a splendid time is guaranteed for all.” Graham Nash will continue his long-time tradition of raising money for charity through the Guacamole Fund’s special benefit seats; in addition, he will be donating $1 per ticket sold to charity.While continually building his musical legacy, Nash is also an internationally renowned photographer and visual artist whose work has been shown in galleries and museums worldwide, including the Smithsonian. Born in Blackpool, England, Nash was appointed OBE by Queen Elizabeth in 2010. He first rose to fame with The Hollies, and went on to form Crosby, Stills and Nash in 1968. Nash has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame two-times (for CSN & The Hollies), and is in the Songwriters Hall of Fame (as an individual and with CSN). In May 2013, he received an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from Boston’s Lesley University. His autobiography – Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life – was released on September 17, 2013 by Crown Archetype/Random House, and landed him on the New York Times Best-Sellers list.Graham Nash’s photography is currently on display in exhibition at the Fine Art Photography Gallery at Mumm Napa in Rutherford, CA. Titled My Life Through My Lens, Photographs by Graham Nash, features more than 50 of his photographs. The exhibition has been extended now to run through April of 2015 at the winery’s Fine Art Photography Gallery.Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

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generationCURE Solstice 2017 Set For June 20

first_imgOn Tuesday, June 20, amfAR will present its sixth annual generationCURE Solstice event at Mr. Purple on New York’s Lower East Side.The evening will feature DJs, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, a silent auction, and special guests.generationCURE is a group of young amfAR supporters committed to ending the AIDS pandemic in their lifetime by helping the Foundation raise funds for its cure-focused research programs. Since its inception in 2011, generationCURE has raised more than $600,000 for amfAR through events in New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. In 2015 and 2017, generationCURE awarded grants to young researchers for cure-focused projects.Event Chairs include Lo Bosworth and Kelly Osbourne.DATETuesday, June 20, 2017TIME7:00 PMLOCATIONMr. Purple180 Orchard Street, 15th Floor New York, NY 10002TABLES/TICKETSTo purchase tickets online please click here.last_img read more

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first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment TORONTO, Canada – Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana announces its partnership with Chouette Publishing to bring Nelvana’s original hit preschool adventure series Ranger Rob to the publishing world. Launching in April 2018, Chouette Publishing’s territory will encompass Canada and the U.S. with both English and French rights.“As we continue to build on the success and momentum of Ranger Rob, we’re excited to partner with Chouette Publishing on this new chapter for the series,” said Pam Westman, Head, Nelvana Enterprises. “Chouette’s masterful ability to capture Ranger Rob’s distinct sense of exploration and wonder through their books will offer young fans the delight of experiencing their favourite characters and Big Sky Park on every page.”The April 2018 launch includes the release of two titles, A Campfire Story and Nature Quest, with a target age of 3-8. In addition to these titles, Chouette Publishing will add more storybooks, readers, and novelty formats to their Ranger Rob repertoire as of fall 2018 and beyond. Advertisement Advertisement “We are incredibly thrilled to partner with Nelvana to bring Ranger Rob into publishing,” said Simon Payette, General Manager of Chouette Publishing “We’ve had tremendous publishing success with our own property, Caillou, and are excited to take that expertise and use it to make Ranger Rob a huge publishing hit that kids everywhere will love.”Ranger Rob follows the adventures of 10-year-old Rob and his friends Stomper, a talking Yeti, Chipper, a robotic car, fun-loving pal Dakota and others, around Big Sky Park, the coolest natural outdoor adventure park. Whether they are flying or driving in Chipper, zip-lining through trees or snowboarding through frosty fields, they love discovering and exploring all the park has to offer. Each episode of the series takes viewers on a new adventure, cultivating the spirit of exploration and curiosity, and inspiring kids to get outside to play and discover.Chouette joins a growing list of previously announced partners and licensees with Ranger Robincluding Sprout, the preschool destination within NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment’s Universal Kids network which broadcasts the series in the U.S., the master toy partner, Imports Dragon, and live entertainment firm Round Room Presents for the Ranger Rob worldwide stage show beginning fall 2018.About NelvanaNelvana is Canada’s premier animation company and a world-leading producer and distributor of children’s content. Nelvana has delighted audiences around the globe for more than 40 years with a vast library of more than 4,000 episodes from original, award-winning series like Babar and Franklin. Nelvana’s content is distributed in more than 160 countries worldwide and broadcast across Corus Entertainment’s suite of leading kids networks. Nelvana Enterprises, the global licensing and merchandising arm of Nelvana, manages the organization’s portfolio of in-house and third-party brands with offices in Toronto and Paris. Nelvana Studio, with offices in Toronto and Montreal, employs more than 300 Canadian artists working with local and international producers to create premium children’s content for a global stage.  For more information, visit Nelvana Enterprises on Twitter @NelvanaEntAbout Chouette PublishingChouette Publishing’s catalog features more than 200 titles in a series of collections for every stage in a child’s development, from birth to age six. Well-established in North America and becoming increasingly present on the global market, Chouette Publishing’s books have been translated into many languages, with over 15 million copies sold worldwide. For more information, visit Advertisement Facebook Login/Register With: Twitterlast_img read more

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first_imgAdvertisement Twitter ‘ARROW’: TV’S LONGEST-RUNNING SUPERHERO SERIES SAYS FAREWELL TO COMIC-CON: Arrow will notch its eighth and final season this fall, but on Saturday the CW’s linchpin superhero show bid an emotional early farewell to fans at Comic-Con International, the place where the show started its success story. A surprise guest also flew in (figuratively) to the delight of fans in Ballroom 20: Brandon Routh, the title star of Superman Returns (2006) who will reprise the role with an Arrow appearance in Season 8. READ MOREArrow (The CW)COMIC-CON 2019: ‘ARROW’ CAST DISH ON ‘CINEMATIC’ FINAL SEASON & FELICITY’S ABSENCE (EXCLUSIVE)Crossovers, old characters resurfacing and multiple Olivers! His legacy. His destiny. The final season of #Arrow premieres Tuesday, October 15 on The CW. #CWSDCC— Arrow (@CW_Arrow) July 20, 2019 Login/Register With: ⁦@MzKatieCassidy⁩ and I ran out of time! Here’s the concept art for the new Black Siren costume for Season 8!— Marc Guggenheim (@mguggenheim) July 20, 2019ARROW: CONCEPT ART FOR LAUREL LANCE’S FINAL SEASON COSTUME REVEALEDArrow’s final panel at San Diego Comic-Con wrapped up just a little while ago, but it looks like more surprises are still in store. Shortly after the panel, consulting producer Marc Guggenheim shared a series of concept art pieces for the final season, including the new suit worn by Laurel Lance/Black Canary (Katie Cassidy Rodgers). READ MORE The cast of “Arrow” sat down with ET’s Leanne Aguilera to dish on the CW show’s final episodes during 2019 Comic-Con in San Diego, California, on Saturday. READ MOREARROW CAST DROPS FINAL SEASON TEASES, REVEALS WHO THEY WANT TO RETURNIn keeping with recent tradition, it seemed only fitting that the Arrow cast was tight-lipped about what to expect for the CW series’ final season. But if one pays close attention to their visit to TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con suite, there are some provocative morsels to ponder. READ MOREARROW SEASON 8 FIRST-LOOK TRAILER SENDS OLIVER QUEEN ON A MIND-BENDING FINAL QUESTOliver Queen visits some literal ghosts from his past in the trailer for Arrow’s eighth and final season.The first-look footage from Comic-Con International begins ominously with a flashback to The Monitor sharing the prophecy of Ollie’s death – along with a flash to the 2019 date on the Green Arrow’s tombstone. READ MORE LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Advertisement Facebooklast_img read more

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First Nation taking matters into own hands while waiting on Trudeau to

first_imgBrandi MorinAPTN National NewsThe Sturgeon Lake First Nation in central Alberta was put on the boil water advisory list the day the Trudeau government was elected into power. But for the community of 1,483 it was just another familiar go round. And almost a year later they’re still waiting for funding to help the 249 homes needing clean water there.“Well obviously nobody’s acted on it in the government regardless of who’s in power. It’s just the process that they use and life goes on I guess,” said Chief Richard Kappo.He doesn’t believe the change in government will make a difference…this is a problem that has been going on way too long.“They’ve (Trudeau government) promised all this funding and they’re still developing a process of how they should dole out that money. Some of the stuff has been going on for years. The boil water advisories are given to us from Health Canada and then of course, it goes down the chain, but in the end it’s the band that ends up paying unless it’s provided money,” said Kappo.He estimates it will cost $100,000 to get the water back up to par. Just this week he signed and submitted a proposal to Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) asking for help. But he’s not waiting for an answer. The band has taken matters into their own hands and have started treating the water using their own funds, which they simply don’t have.“We’ve started the work, started it about 4 days ago. We have to. We don’t have the resources but we’re doing it. We have to rob Peter to pay Paul to do it. It’s a health and safety issue,” said Kappo who thinks that water should be the number one priority for all levels of government.Meanwhile, the Dene Tha First Nation in northern Alberta have also struggled on and off for years to maintain clean water systems.Chief Joe Pastion estimated it will easly cost $30 million to fix the water problems when all is said and done incorporating all of the infrastructure, engineering, plumbing and other projects required to install new water and sewer lines.The Dene Tha have been in ongoing negotiations with the government to secure the funding “for years,” he said.He applauds Trudeau’s promise to fix the water problems in First Nations in five years, but he’s skeptical the rookie Prime Minister will be able to stay within budget.“Once they (Federal Government) start funneling those numbers to each region, I’m sure every tribal and sub-office will take a cut of that funding and then whatever comes to the community will probably be less than what’s needed in the community,” he said.Pastion has also put in a proposal to INAC this week and is waiting for a response.During the 2015 federal election, the Liberals promised to eliminate all boil-water advisories in First Nation communities within five years.In the budget, the Liberals plan to spend $1.8 billion on water and waste-water projects across the country.According a 2011 study commissioned by the federal Aboriginal Affairs department, it would cost about $4.7 billion over 10 years to get First Nation water and wastewater infrastructure up to the department’s own standards. The report said First Nation communities needed an immediate $1.2 billion to deal with high-risk systems.First Nations water needs $5billion fix: gov’t studyLinda Semansha oversees the water monitoring in the Dene Tha community of approximately 2,700 under which she said 70 homes are under water advisories. She said it’s common to see people with rashes due to contact with the water while costs to buy bottled water are high unless a person can drive to town or catch a ride where the cost is cheaper.“It doesn’t make me feel very good especially because I’m the one who looks after the health program,” she said.But contrary to Pastion, she has hope in the new government.“I believe so (he might help us) because he’s talked about the water problems in the other communities.”In British Columbia, Williams Lake First Nation Chief Anne Louis is celebrating the success of a multimillion water treatment facility built last year.After being on a boil water advisory for about 15 years, they finally received the funding to upgrade.“It’s been exciting for our community, it’s been a long time coming because we struggled for a very long time,” she said.The benefits are spilling over into helping to create economic opportunities, she added. The band is working on a significant economic development project that can now have serviced water and a nearby community has approached them to service water there.Even though Williams Lake received their funding before Trudeau was voted in, Louis has faith that other First Nations will soon start to benefit from his commitment.“I believe it (his promises) will. I’ve heard of some people who are already starting to get their systems in place. But it’s a big massive project across Canada and I think people that have severe water issues should be the ones that are targeted first,” she ended.At any given time across Canada, there are over 100 drinking water advisories in First Nations.As of May 31, 2016, there are 137 advisories according to Health Canada First Nations Health Authority in British Columbia.Drinking Water Advisories in First Nation CommunitiesAPTN asked Indigenous Affairs about its schedule to fix water systems in communities but as of this posting, the department has not responded.According to Human Rights Watch, Canada has been working for almost 40 years (1977) to solve the water crisis, but the problem persists. It said the government’s own auditing shows a pattern of over promising and they’ve read more

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Groups fighting nuclear plant near Ottawa River

first_imgAnnette Francis APTN NewsCitizens and environmental groups are against an application to permanently store nuclear waste at the Chalk River plant east of Ottawa.The Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is also applying for a 10-year license renewal of the plant.That’s also an issue for people who live in the area like Lynn Jones, a member of Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area.“The license that’s being proposed is also greatly watered down from previous license … and what’s left appears to make it easier for the consortium to carry out its plans with very little oversight from the regulator,” said Jones.Her group is one of over 50 intervening at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission public hearings next week.afrancis@aptn.calast_img read more